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Tell it to SunStar
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By Reni M. Valenzuela

Don’t belittle us, dear China. We, Filipinos, are a civilized people and nation -- unlike you. By the very manner that you conduct yourself in the Scarborough Shoal dispute, you seem to have evolved no beyond the Cro-Magnon stage wherein archaic humans know no rules but the rules of the jungle.

The nightmarish assaults of Russia on Ukraine is considered the largest attack on a European country since World War II. But regret of regrets. Vladimir Putin has been in a fix with the Ukrainian people and is thus far problematic on how to end the war that he started/created with that small, previously peaceful, happy, developing country.

The more pressing concern now for Putin is no longer to invade Ukraine, but how to stop the crazy, medieval war which has caused and continues to cause untold havoc and massive devastations, the senseless loss of many thousands of human lives (in particular) on both sides. Covetousness is not as important anymore for Putin as restoring peace. Invasion (or greed) is what sparks world wars.

Unless self-pride and self-preservation is quashed or set aside on the part of the Russian leader (personally), the Russia-Ukraine war may never end. And, ergo, as for China in its Neanderthal hallucinosis to steal/invade a portion of the Filipino soul, I pray that Xi Jinping and his officials would come to terms with reality soonest.

If Putin has the Ukrainians to beat (but cannot), President Xi would have the equally heroic Filipino people to beat (but will not). Don’t just read Philippine history, sir. Study it as far back as the 16th century time of Lapulapu. The Filipino blood remains crimson red. Your formerly “sleeping giant” is drawing itself closer and closer to a hostile confrontation with the world -- to be reduced to a “yawning elf.”

Ukraine has the US as a backup force (in a supporting role) fighting its enemies, fiercely and bravely. But the Philippines has and would have the US by its side as an active, participative ally -- plus Australia, France, Japan, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Saudi Arabia, India, Iran, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, etcetera -- practically much of the planet earth to fight and defeat a covetous, avaricious, treacherous, midget, wrong heart -- in case war breaks out.

The international community is starting to notice the huge disparity in character between the US and China. The former does what is good for others and the world. The latter does what is good only for itself, even to the detriment and harm of others.

All your propaganda is purely for your own hearing benefit and pleasure. Who would want to listen to double talks? The world knows too well that you’re just talking to yourself, attacking no one but yourself, every time you release an official Beijing statement to the world, attacking the Philippines -- such as “respect international law,” “stop illegal and irresponsible actions,” “refrain from provocative moves,” “don’t escalate the tension,” etc.

Are you really willing to stake world peace and the lives of perhaps millions or billions of people? Preserve sanity. Leave the Shoal or West Philippine Sea just as President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. appealed recently. Prevent “inhumanity” to happen. Stop the madness. And, furthermore, leave Taiwan alone too. Can’t you love even your own?

The European Union has “joined the international condemnation of China’s aggression against Filipino vessels,” and its position in coming to the defense of the Philippines, when push comes to shove, is not opaque.

Dump your false hope, Mr. Xi. Why wait till Bongbong Marcos’ successor is lodged in Malacañang before you act, when Filipinos will not/never allow anymore another president in the mold (mind, heart, spirit, soul) of Rodrigo Duterte who was/is just too insanely inclined and obliging to hand our maritime territory over to a foreign, covetous, brute country, and worship/bow down to a false god? Forget the “secret deal.” It’s a piece of garbage. Dump it too.

If indeed you have a case to prove with your “nine-dash line” map, what is holding you back from letting the said map be subjected to scrutiny by world experts in an international fair tribunal? Masking. Wily. And why not rather propose another/new world body to adjudicate the maritime dispute since you are rejecting the 2016 ruling of the Permanent Court of Arbitration that belied your claims?

If indeed you’re in good faith, why outrightly snatch the sea and claim it to be all yours without a single reasonable, acceptable, legal and moral basis? Naive. Childish. Grabby. China.

Filipinos can’t allow themselves to be forever bullied, much less their sovereignty/dignity and territories to be trampled upon and stolen by you. Our officials have done their best to approach the crisis and settle the issue with you in a diplomatic, friendly, sober, patient, persevering, peaceful way, and in accordance with the international law or Unclos. Grow up, Beijing!

God forbid. But should the standoff or crisis progress from worse to worst, our people (including the Filipino-Chinese in the country whose eyes are open, having fallen in love with the Philippines in over a long period of time that they have been making a wealthy living here) will fight to the end, defending what belongs to us with the same gallantry and heroism of the Ukrainians in fighting/resisting Russia. It is easy to start a war, but not as easy to end it. Note that well, bully.

Dismantle your Towers of Babel in the West Philippine Sea. Transfer or build them somewhere within unquestionably your own domain and do your aggressions and incursions in your own backyard, with your own people. And Filipinos (or the world) would have nothing to do with them, except perhaps, the International Criminal Court later -- for world justice and righteousness to reign.

Wake up! And wake up too, Israel. Are not the Hamas your enemies and not the innocent civilians, women and children? Have a heart.

We wish to restore our friendship with you, dear “friend.” Settle the long-standing maritime dispute once and for all with our officials through table talk (with the pie on the table) because there is no other way to do it. Do away with your primitive tricks.

Don’t complicate matters. And don’t think only of yourself. Simply cut the pie and let everybody have his share, and so make everybody rejoice -- for peace, goodwill, and for Christ’s sake! Win-win solution -- that’s what this small, poor, humble, peanut opinion writer has been suggesting all along. Shalom!

God bless China! God bless Philippines! And God bless world!


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