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Tell it to SunStar: Unacceptable

By Peter Traenkner

The letter by Mr. Reni Valenzuela that came out on the Tuesday, May 7, 2024, issue of SunStar Cebu with its chauvinistic and over emotionally verbal attacks on China is unacceptable.

We live in a dangerous multipolar world full of hatred and defamation. Therefore what is needed are cool heads and not hotheads.

Freedom of expression must end when a country or a person is attacked in an uncivilized manner. It also violates the ethical values of a newspaper. You can like China or not, but hateful tirades are not a solution but only aggravate the situation.

Furthermore I disagree with Mr. Valenzuela’s one-sided bias about the USA with his statement: “USA does what is good for others and the world.”

This is simply naive and historical wrong. We have seen what good has Uncle Sam done in Vietnam and Iraq.

Finally I allow myself a quotation from the great philosopher Confucius: “The wise person cultivates harmony in diversity and keeps himself in the balanced middle, without leaning to one side or other. How courageous his steadfastness is.”

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