The Haus of Rena1ssance: Elevating Cebu drag

The Haus of Rena1ssance: Elevating Cebu drag

Aldrich C. Dorado / Writer

In the sparkling realm of drag, where creativity and self-expression converge, few names shine brighter than Haus of Rena1ssance. These vibrant communities, often formed by drag performers with shared visions and values, are nestled at the intersection of artistry, activism and unabashed glamor.


Haus of Rena1ssance’s story is one of resilience, companionship and uncompromising authenticity. Founded in 2023 by innovative drag artist Pierre Lindsey, the house immediately became a beacon of empowerment for performers from all walks of life.

“It all started from a drag house, but now we see it more as a collective cause. We’re more than just drag artists — we’re a bunch of artists gathered together,” she said.

Pierre’s introduction to the world of drag was both liberating and transformational. She found a renewed sense of purpose and identity through the creation of the persona Kat Phischeur, which laid the groundwork for what would soon become one of Cebu City’s most recognizable drag houses.


Every drag house has a sense of community that extends beyond mere performance. Members offer guidance, mentorship and unconditional love to one another. Everyone in the house, from seasoned veterans to aspiring queens, has a responsibility to play in fostering an inclusive and mutually respectful community.

“To the house, I try to [do] as much as I can—like [providing] opportunities for the members. If there are gigs, I always try to make sure that everyone gets the same experiences. I always try to make sure that when there are gigs, everyone gets to have one,” Pierre said.

“Outside of drag, I think we always just try to ask each other, like what we need and how we can support each other. We’re always open to lending our stuff [to] each other,” she said.


Drag houses serve as incubators for creativity, where boundaries are pushed and conventions are shattered. From trailblazing runway looks to boundary-pushing performances, members are encouraged to explore the outer limits of their artistic expression.

Kerr Quevedo, a drag performer from the Haus of Rena1ssance who goes by her drag name GIRL, responded, “What inspires my artistry are the realities of life,” when asked what motivates her to perform and be artistic in drag.

GIRL also referenced Nina Simone’s quote, “Our job as artists is to reflect the times,” which resonated with her belief that artists have a responsibility to share unspoken stories through their art, especially in light of current realities.

Truly, drag house artistry does try to show the intricacy of life, not just make people laugh. Through their performances, drag artists challenge stereotypes, challenge social norms and emphasize the realities of life in all its forms.


The Haus of Rena1ssance aims to elevate Cebu drag and support queer artistry, reminding us that true strength lies in accepting our actual selves and standing together in unity.

The Haus of Rena1ssance is a tribute to the transforming power of drag and the enduring spirit of individuals who dare to imagine, defy and dazzle in a field where transformation is not just an art form but a way of life.

Pierre and the members of the house are not only influencing the future of drag culture with their talent, activism and steadfast devotion to authenticity, but they are also leaving a legacy that will be celebrated in the Cebu drag community for decades to come.

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