Toral: Customized AI chats for better customer service

Jannette Toral.
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Like many, I did not take ChatGPT seriously when it was first introduced in the market. What got me interested was its customization feature as demonstrated by an artificial intelligence (AI) customer chat service provider. I entered my website address and the site data was processed. After three to five minutes, I could already start asking questions where the answers given to me had a link back to a website section where it was based. This is a great improvement in comparison to the usual chatbots where each answer has to be fed and flows designed.

Jessica Madrazo, operations manager of Coffeebot digital agency, believes AI is no longer “choose a button” and “send an auto-response.” “AI has evolved so much, allowing chatbots to quickly collect and collate data, ready for companies to harvest them and allow deeper understanding on what their customers are constantly talking about, and the fixes necessary to resolve them all based on the data from the chatbots,” she said.

This improvement in customer service (CS) interactions can also be a powerful tool for marketers to leverage. I’ve trained CS agents in the past to improve their email replies including links for info and opening upsell/cross-sell opportunities. The usual situation is they have a frequently asked questions (FAQ) guidebook and reps have minimal oversight. Improvement requires follow-up discipline, FAQ documentation updates, and regular reviews. However, with AI integration, CS can focus more on tasks where AI can’t help much and requires human interaction.

Repetitive tasks

At the Dashcon Davao AI Event, Jessica highlighted that a lot of repetitive tasks usually handled by CS can be done eventually by AI-powered chatbots, saying: “Personalization will come from the seamless integration of the customer, the tool, and quick access to all purchase and interaction history. What used to take several call holds will become instant with the seamless integration of the chatbot and the customer support database, removing the need for the customer to constantly repeat previous engagement concerns. With all the day-to-day menial inquiries out of the way, agents are able to spend time with customers on issues that actually require the human touch. This gives them more patience and time to spend on issues that really need them, giving their customers the best customer service they can provide.”

At the same event, I demonstrated the creation of a custom ChatGPT and uploaded a copy of my brand marketing guidelines. When I started asking questions to improve my materials and strategy approach, the answers given back to me were aligned with the initial info I provided. I used to spend a lot of time adjusting my messaging ideas and I would usually skip “creativity” when I didn’t have the mood for it. This customization fills my creativity tank. If I want to, I can share this customized chat tool with my team and use it for their campaign material creation. I can also do the same for MSMEs who need an AI chat guide to create what they need and align with their brand voice. I’m excited about how customer service customization will evolve in the future.


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