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Janet Toral
Janet Toral

The World Food Expo series of 2024 kicked off last week in Bicol where I had the opportunity to conduct two workshops: Personal Leadership Development and Social Media Marketing with Artificial Intelligence. An interesting question often asked is my take on having a “growth mindset.” There are many articles written about it. My perspective on it is greatly influenced by my learnings as an independent Maxwell Leadership Certified Team (formerly John Maxwell Team) executive program leader where I had the opportunity to learn directly from leadership guru John C. Maxwell.

At times when I am lost on the direction I am taking, remembering this is all part of the growth process helps.

Belief and intentionality

Personal growth is the foundation for achieving one’s fullest potential. Growth does not happen by default; it requires deliberate intention and action. Our abilities and intelligence can be developed through dedication and hard work. I always prefer masterminds to follow workshops as leadership growth is a continuous process. The same principle applies to technical skills and strategy development as well.

Growth is the only assurance that tomorrow will improve. Once we stop, we also regress. In the digital world, what clicked six months ago won’t be the same anymore today.

The role of setbacks in growth

The traditional perspective of failure as a negative outcome is now frowned upon. Instead, see it as a stepping stone for success. As entrepreneurs, you are encouraged to try and fail as often as you can and as cheap as you can. Of course, there will be failures that can cause huge losses which you are likely not to repeat. I had my share of small and huge failures. Those took me farther than success ever could. Learning and adapting from failure can pave the way for innovation and breakthroughs.

Cultivating a growth mindset

There are many tips to foster a growth mindset. These include setting growth targets, embracing challenges, seeking suggestions or feedback, and committing to continuous learning. Each is designed to move individuals from a passive state to active participants in their growth journey.

The act of setting growth targets helps to focus efforts and resources on areas of personal development that are most helpful. Embracing challenges, suggestions and feedback, meanwhile, ensures that we are constantly pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones and learning from experiences. Continuous learning ensures that our journey of growth evolves as we do.

In writing about technological and economic developments regularly, I recognize every day that change is inevitable. But growth is always a choice too. By choosing to embrace a growth mindset, we open the door to endless possibilities and the opportunity to become the best versions of ourselves. It pushes us out of the rut or “stuck” zone by refusing to be defeated by it.

In the end, embracing a growth mindset is about more than just personal achievement. It’s about contributing to a greater good for the environment you are in, leaving a legacy of growth to your team, and empowering them to embark on their journeys of personal development.


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