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Recently, I wrote about the 2024 influencer trends. As the digital landscape continues to evolve rapidly, I asked influencer marketing expert Ronwald Urquiola to offer a compelling forecast for the trajectory of online content creation and influencer marketing for 2025 and beyond. His predictions, deeply rooted in the sector’s current dynamics, promise a transformative future for influencers and their audiences.

The unwavering demand for diverse and exciting content

As audiences are craving variety and uniqueness in content, Urquiola encourages influencers to challenge themselves in producing distinctive material that captivates their target demographic. He identifies nano influencers as the next big opportunity for Filipino marketers, emphasizing, “Digital influencers will have to evolve and adapt so that brands will continue to support them.” This evolution encompasses more than content; it includes messaging and delivery that resonate with clients.

Strategies for influencers to stay ahead

“Influencers should adapt with open arms,” Urquiola states, encouraging flexibility and a willingness to embrace change. He parallels traditional media adapting to include social media elements, advocating for a responsive approach to content creation. Urquiola suggests that influencers should remain vigilant for fresh trends and innovations, noting, “They have to stay relevant by knowing what is relevant.” He cites the success of influencers like Steven Bansil, who seamlessly integrates brand placements into his content without sacrificing his unique style.

Embracing AI in content creation

Influencers must expand their content creation capabilities and embrace the latest technologies, particularly artificial intelligence (AI), to stay ahead. He emphasizes AI’s potential to revolutionize the industry through smarter, faster content production and data analysis.

While AI offers significant benefits, Urquiola urges responsibility in its application. “It is very important to be studying how you will incorporate AI technology into your marketing campaigns,” he advises influencers, underscoring the importance of thoughtful implementation.

From the heart: The key to influencer success

As we move to 2025 and beyond, Urquiola’s advice to create authentically and maintain credibility will undoubtedly resonate with influencers aiming to solidify their digital presence. He believes global economic conditions, geopolitical tensions, and technological advancements will significantly affect the future of digital influence in the Philippines. Influencers must diversify their income streams and embrace emerging technologies to maintain a competitive edge.

Monetization: A byproduct of creativity

Influencers are encouraged to look into monetization opportunities to sustain their content passion. Urquiola views monetization as a natural outcome of consistent, quality content creation. “If your main goal is for your content to be monetized, then you should be consistent,” he recommends, emphasizing the importance of authenticity and expertise in one’s subject matter.

Envisioning the future

In Urquiola’s vision, the future of digital influence is both a challenge and a bastion of opportunity—a landscape where adaptation, authenticity, and a keen sense of audience desires are the pillars of success. His insights serve as a roadmap for influencers navigating the complexities of an AI-enhanced digital future, where staying true to oneself and evolving with technological advancements are key to success.


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