Utzurrum: Celebrate World Family Doctor Day (Conclusion)

The Scene
MENDERO MEDICAL CENTER. Dental-Medical Mission and ‘Operation Tuli’ for the community
MENDERO MEDICAL CENTER. Dental-Medical Mission and ‘Operation Tuli’ for the community

We started Part 1 last week on the significance of celebrating World Family Doctor Day (WFDD) last month with the theme, “Healthy Planet, Healthy People,” wherein Cebu’s various hospitals had their own styles of marking the occasion.

The Cebu South Medical Center (CSMC) - Dept. of Family and Community Medicine Residency Training Program introduced a short event for the constituents of the CSMC Wellness Clinic—a community of hospital employees enrolled in the COPC project of the Training Program.

VICENTE SOTTO HOSPITAL- HYDRATION CAMPAIGN. Bring Your Own Bottle (BYOB), Hydrate Anytme. Hydrate Anywhere.
VICENTE SOTTO HOSPITAL- HYDRATION CAMPAIGN. Bring Your Own Bottle (BYOB), Hydrate Anytme. Hydrate Anywhere.

To embody the WFDD theme, the morning started with a three-part short lecture and demo on “Vegetable Production through Hydroponic Farming” by Mr. Bryan Christian Leal from the Dept. of Agriculture; “Twists and Turns of Aging,” a short lecture on “Exercise and Mobility” by Dr. Anthony Carlo Silva from the Dept. of Rehabilitation Medicine; and “Proper Diet and Nutrition” by Jenny Mae Pangatungan, the hospital’s own Nutritionist/Dietitian.

All employees who attended had the chance to be screened for Diabetes, Dyslipidemia, and Osteoporosis through random blood sugar and total cholesterol testing as well as a bone scan. Those with deranged results were then scheduled for a more comprehensive check-up.

At the ARC Hospital, in addition to the educational session, the event offered free medical consultations to the staff and their dependents. This move was well received, fostering a sense of community well-being and promoting proactive healthcare. Partner pharmaceutical companies also distributed free medicines.

Achieving a timeless advocacy, the Hydroponics seminar epitomized Eversley Childs Sanitarium and General Hospital’s dedication to holistic health and community empowerment. Beyond medical interventions, the department recognizes the role of environmental sustainability in promoting well-being. They plan to continue the program by nurturing a culture of innovation and collaboration.

In this manner, Eversley Childs Sanitarium reaffirmed its commitment to cultivating a healthier future for all, one hydroponic garden at a time.

Over at Perpetual Succour Hospital (PSH), likewise, the Hydroponics Seminar was the highlight of the day. Presented by Mr. Bryan Christian Leal of the Dept. of Agriculture, the seminar was both informative and inspiring. He detailed the advantages of hydroponics in sustainable food production, water conservation, and environmental impact reduction. This presentation aligned perfectly with their objective to promote sustainable practices and highlighted the role of hydroponics for better health and food security.

Another activity was the lecture on proper waste segregation conducted by the Post Graduate Interns (PGIs). PGI Albios provided a thorough and engaging piece on the importance of waste segregation in reducing environmental pollution and enhancing recycling efforts. The interactive children’s game hosted by PGI Gallardo was effective, educational, and entertaining for the young participants. Their positive response and the successful integration of learning and play showed the effectiveness of this activity.

Meeting the nutritional needs of the community, the feeding program was well-received and reflected their commitment to holistic care. The “Pinoy Henyo” game for adults added a fun and interactive element, fostering community spirit and participation.

The clothes donation drive, with contributions from the PGIs of the PSH, was a heartwarming success and provided much-needed support for the less fortunate in the community.

Last but not least, at Mendero Medical Center, the occasion called for a Dental/Medical Mission and ‘Operation Tuli’ held in commemoration of WFDD. The event exemplified the transformative potential of healthcare initiatives that prioritize community engagement, preventive care, and interdisciplinary collaboration. By addressing immediate health needs while promoting long-term health literacy and empowerment, such events pave the way for healthier, more resilient communities, where the invaluable role of family doctors is duly recognized and celebrated.

Long live your tribe, WFD!


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