Wenceslao: Silence and the ‘kakampinks’

Candid Thoughts

Former president Rodrigo Duterte’s split with President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. is not surprising considering history. The Dutertes were anti-Marcos before the former president’s daughter Sara agreed to become Bongbong’s running mate in 2022. Digong’s mother was one of the anti-Marcos figures in Davao City, which I would say became a ticket to the clan eventually dominating the city’s politics, especially after the late president Cory Aquino took over the reins of the National Government from Marcos Sr.

The plan was apparent from the start. After Bongbong becomes president, Sara would take over in 2028 using the political dominance that the young Marcos would have already gained in 2022. But something seems to have gone amiss with the plan.

An initiative attributed to Team Marcos is being pushed whereby amendments to the Constitution would be put in place. Bongbong insists that only the economic provisions of the charter would be tampered with. But many feared that the ultimate intent is to do away with the term limits for elected government officials. The Constitution bars Marcos from running for a second term.

Digong got naturally furious because the initiative made Sara’s 2028 future uncertain. Team Marcos is even now lobbying for Sara’s resignation as education secretary, although Bongbong has assured her continued hold on the post. As a result, the former president is now acting like the leader of the opposition in Mindanao.

The split, for now, is a spectacle involving only the administration forces because the real opposition, led by former vice president Leni Robredo, is largely silent. Social media is where the battle is, with Team Marcos vloggers engaging in a tug-of-war with Team Duterte vloggers. The targets are lower level functionaries, including First Lady Liza Araneta Marcos. The attacks against Bongbong are not all-out yet.

Here, control of Congress is crucial, which is why the 2025 election is crucial for Marcos and Duterte. But one good thing here is that the allegiances of vloggers are being exposed. Social media has undergone changes as far as personalities are concerned and new social media personalities have cropped up. The 2025 elections will no longer be the domain of Team Duterte because vloggers identified with it have either gone silent or are no longer dominant.

I therefore find Robredo’s silence intriguing. Are the so-called “kakampinks” still intact or have its leaders gone separate ways? What are their plans for 2025? I actually thought Robredo would hold on to her gains in 2022 and continue organizational efforts. But nothing has been heard of her since after the 2022 elections.

I have always been against politicians surfacing only during the campaign period in an election and neglecting organizational work after it. This cycle has always been the reason why political clans are able to dominate Philippine elections. Political clans are able to maintain their organizations using money and familial and hierarchical bonds with or without an election in sight.


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