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Weeks ago, I read an article that expressed the worries of Hidylin Diaz, the Pinay gold medalist in the Olympics, on the trend in the US allowing biological males who identify themselves as women, to participate in women’s sports.

What would happen if a transgender woman would compete in, say, weightlifting?

Diaz had toiled for decades to be where she is now. A biological male competing as a woman in the Olympics would surely have many advantages over female athletes.

Studies have shown that these advantages usually manifest during puberty. Males are naturally physically stronger than women, especially in upper body strength. They surely could lift heavier weights than Diaz even if they compete under Hidylin’s weight category.

Trans people have actually ruined women’s sports in the US by competing against biological females.

In swimming, for example, William Thomas, who initially competed against males and ranked low, has been allowed to compete against females as Lia Thomas and won in many competitions she participated in. Taking the cudgels for women sports in the US is top swimmer Riley Gaines and she has been harassed because of it. Other female swimmers have been silenced and threatened if they speak out against the setup.

Surprisingly, Olympian Bruce Jenner, who transitioned as Caitlyn years ago, has seen the light on the matter. She has spoken against transgenders competing against female athletes, noting that this would damage women’s sports.

Some officials in various sports disciplines of the world have also proposed rules against this trend. They have come out to protect biological females affected by male athletes transitioning as females.

This has happened partly because the US is now being ruled by Democrats led by Joe Biden. Many democrats are what some sectors describe as “woke” or leftists who are pushing for societal change that in some instances blurs the binary sexual divide. Even children have been affected by this.

At a young age, they are made to decide their on their preferred gender and then given medical support if they transition. Breasts are lopped off and they are given medicines that block hormonal growth.

As a result, there is now in the US a conservative backlash. This has paved the way for the resurrection of the career of former US President Donald Trump, who is a Republican. This, plus the fact that Biden is too old already but has insisted on running for reelection, have put the Democrats in a dilemma.

I have pointed out in previous columns that public opinion is like a pendulum. It looks like public opinion in the US is a pendulum swinging back to the right. Being “woke” or progressive is no longer what it was like before. People have frowned on some of the stances the progressives are taking.

One cannot take pride in being “woke” anymore. I myself used to think I am progressive. Yet I am increasingly being drawn to the conservative arguments being presented on social media. Or is this because I am already old and conservative?


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