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The election in the United States in November is interesting on many levels. For one, it will be a rematch between the incumbent, the Democrat Joe Biden, and the Republican Donald Trump. They first met four years ago when Trump was the president and Biden was the opponent. This time, Biden is the president and Trump is the opponent.

Trump was hounded with controversies when he was president and remains a controversial ex-president. He even attempted to invalidate Biden’s win. He is facing court cases in some US states. But Biden is old. He is already 81 years old and is facing questions about his mental capacity to lead the world’s remaining superpower. The US is currently facing global challenges, including how to push China to follow a rules-based world order. Then there is the ongoing war between Israel and the Iran-backed Hamas terrorist group.

Biden restored stability to a country that was in tumult during the Trump years. But Biden’s age showed in the latter part of his rule and many are questioning his grasp of the challenges now facing the US both domestically and globally. But while Trump is younger, there are questions about his character. Has he learned from his past experiences or has he not?

The US election will also determine the course the country will take. Trump leads what can be considered as the resurging conservatives while Biden represents the increasingly strident left-wing forces that may be in the minority but which have exhibited their capacity to sow chaos in some university campuses. A Trump return would mean that the conservatives are now dominant in the US.


RAFFY. Before Raffy Uytiepo became “Elvisaya,” he was a sports columnist in The Freeman writing mostly about running. He actually lived the part, walking around in his running shoes, shorts and shirt even after he became an entrepreneur in one of the food places in the downtown area. I was thus surprised when he told me about him playing Elvis Presley years ago in one Christmas event.

I remember meeting him one morning at the Cebu City Sports Center oval where I did some walking. I was trying to be active in the yearly Manunggal treks at that time but was surprised when my bout with asthma came back when I was on one trek. I told Raffy about it and he simply advised me to prepare for every trek by doing regular exercises.

I was therefore saddened with the recent report that he had passed away. RIP, Raff.


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