What SC must do with the anti-terror law

By Reni M. Valenzuela
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The Supreme Court (SC) has laudable, valid points and reasons for coming out and in coming up with fresh rulings to remedy what’s wrong with the anti-terror law. But they are sorely wanting and lacking in muscles, sadly.

Our honorable magistrates of the High Court need to dive deeper into the ways, means and real intents of the law and ask themselves pertinent probing questions. Who are the real terrorists -- or terrorists in the making -- or terrorists metamorphosing from bad to worse, and from worse to worst?

There are indeed compelling prior thoughts they need to downright ponder upon and answer to be able to know what they must do with the anti-terror law. Since when has activism become terrorism?

So much of the evils (open and concealed) that are embodied in the said abominable law, if we would mull over certain specific provisions of it, has been in existence already and being done illegally, immorally, ruthlessly by the powers that be (past and present) for crooked or political purposes or for other unjustifiable, execrable, despicable reasons only known to them. Debauched.

Such malfeasance are under the auspices, courtesy of the confidential and intelligence funds (CIF) in the national budget, and/or pork barrel fund in various forms. Wonder not, therefore, why the funds are dubbed confidential and where the funds are going or being spent have to remain secret. Spurious. Ravenous. Wolves.

There is apparently more to the law than fighting the so-called “enemies” (or imaginary enemies) because the “solvers” should be fighting instead the “more/worse enemies” of the state -- within. No warrior fights blindfolded lest he end up fighting himself. Idiotic.

These “solvers”/government agents need to ever produce “enemies” or “terrorists” to justify their self-induced mandate, their existence and their huge budget (for a “reason”), not to mention their theatric, melodramatic, crafted scenario a la MMFF animated movie.

Hence, their red-tagging habit continues, even as they persist in their indiscriminate, baseless accusations (left and right) of assorted decent, peace-loving people who do good to fellow citizens and society, and merely criticize/oppose the bad and ugly -- like what they have been doing to some well-meaning, patriotic legislators and government officials -- and principled, nationalistic, idealistic students in university campuses.

Have we forgotten the red-tagged Patricia Non, the benevolent, clean pioneer of the community pantry (undiluted in heart) at the height of the pandemic lockdown to feed the hungry? Absurd. Odd. Screwy.

And what about the celebrity beauties, Liza Soberano and Catriona Gray, who both likewise suffered red-tagging for sympathizing with and speaking out for the rights of women? Remember? These three ladies could or must have been subjected to surveillance operations. Weird. Are the “solvers” part of the crews of the punk Chinese vessels in the West Philippine Sea?

The hearts of these local bullies are not really geared toward solving the problem or any problem, but toward something else, personal and beneficial to no one but themselves. Truth be told.

I cannot understand how ex-Supreme Court (SC) Chief Justice Reynato Puno (known as a renewed Christian) seemed to have grown myopic (spiritually) for failing to see what he should have seen, having been designated as a “friend of court” on anti-terror law deliberations. Mere religion.

Just take a look at the critics of the government, in big numbers and in their mammoth size -- all sincere, pure critics with no other agenda but to enlighten the government and be of service to our people and nation in their own little way.

I am sure they have been subjected and continue being subjected to secret, close, vicious policing. Their phones have been wiretapped and their private conversations are being intercepted and recorded, with their private data being stolen and collected -- just because of their hate for Satan and love for God and country. Vile.

Such a huge waste of budget/people’s money, in several billions of pesos.

All these are the malignant, masked intents and contents (among several others) of the anti-terror law. Can’t you see those? The law by itself is equal to the government legalizing and legitimizing bigger and worse evils -- to beat lesser evils.

What can BBM (President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr.) or the SC do about the situation, now that Old Nick has become a law?

One suggestion to counter the dickens: The Court should require the revelation and submission (to them) of the names/identity of the suspected terrorists or “terrorists” and oblige the agents or agency concerned (unconcerned) to show proof of their suspicion of them or paranoia over certain individuals and groups whom they intend to subject to surveillance and secret investigations, and other legal and moral breaches.

What I have cited are just a few among many wrongdoings that can be and are being committed as a result of the anti-terror law’s deleterious why and wherefore of its operations and intentions.

There were at least 37 petitions lodged in the High Court from various groups representing different sectors to declare this oppressive, suppressive, demoniac law -- illegal and unconstitutional (and maniacal). You definitely can do no less, dear justices of the Supreme Court of the Philippines.

Craft sane laws instead to address the problems of dissent, dissatisfaction, rebellion, poverty, inequality, injustice, fascism/gangsterism in governance, and hunger (for food, healthcare and education) among the Filipino people.

Craft equally sane laws too (of course) to address the malaise of ingrained, blatant corruption and massive crookedness among “public servants,” the police and military. Then and only then will we all be free from terrorists without and within.

That is the real anti-terror act.


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