When peeling oranges for someone speaks volumes

When peeling oranges for someone speaks volumes

If he peels the oranges for you, that means he loves you. It sounds bizarre, but that’s actually what girls on the internet are testing. They call it the “orange peel theory.”

Through TikTok’s Tako (AI model), it is said that the orange peel theory is a relatively new trend that gained popularity in the past year or so. It’s not based on any scientific research or historical events but rather a fun way to gauge the strength of a relationship.


Clinical Psychologist Dr. Kate Truitt said on a TikTok post that the orange peel theory is a really important construct that when we do small acts of kindness for those we love, we are building a foundation of safety, security and care.

“We are creating a space where our loved ones know that we pay attention to them and show up with intention,” she added.

It’s true that some people would laugh at the idea of measuring someone’s affection through an orange-peeling act, but it’s not entirely about whether you’re capable of peeling it with your hands or not. Instead, it is about whether, in that simple act of peeling an orange, you are willing to invest time and effort to bring a moment of joy to your partner. The theory aims to prove that love is found even in the smallest gestures.

There are grand acts of love that show someone truly loves you. He could scream from the top of his lungs at the tallest building how much he loves you, plan the fanciest dates, or shower you with extravagant gifts. However, it’s often the quiet, consistent acts of kindness — like remembering your favorite coffee order, peeling an orange or washing your plates when you get too tired — that truly reflect the depth of someone’s love.

Peeling an orange, in its simplicity, becomes a tangible expression of love. It reveals someone acknowledges how needed and important they are in the relationship in day-to-day magic. It is a thoughtful consideration for your preferences and a commitment to the beauty found in small, everyday moments.

Internet culture

The internet may amplify these concepts, portraying some gestures as the epitome of love, yet it doesn’t always accurately mirror the nuances of individual relationships.

It’s crucial to recognize that some men may require clear communication about your desires. And you too must show the same willingness to prove love is found even in the smallest forms.

It takes a team to create a strong relationship. This theory prompts reflection on whether, before putting it to the test with your partner, you are reciprocating the same willingness to contribute everyday kindness to the partnership.

This is a common stumbling point for many; the theory could yield the desired or undesired reactions. Love, however, manifests uniquely for each person, and while the theory may resonate with some, it might not encompass the entire spectrum of emotional connections.


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