Women entrepreneurs enjoy seamless payment solutions

Women entrepreneurs enjoy seamless payment solutions

DURING Women’s Month, the journeys of three remarkable women who are reshaping norms and forging their unique paths to success are celebrated. Behind their inspiring stories lies a common thread: Maya Business, serving as a catalyst for their triumphs and fostering a new era of female-led innovation and achievement.

Veronica Baguio

In Liloan, Cebu, Veronica Baguio reshapes fashion with Balik Batik, promoting local craftsmanship. Driven by passion for cultural preservation, Veronica’s journey began during the pandemic. With a vision to celebrate Filipino artistry, she curated unique apparel that resonated with the modern consumer. In 2023, she embraced Maya Business, recognizing its potential to expand her business horizons by accepting digital and card payments.

Mara Real

Nestled in Batangas City, Mara, brains behind Two Shots Specialty Coffee, embodies entrepreneurship. From coffee enthusiast to business owner, Mara’s journey began with a simple question: “What if we shared our passion with others?” Fueled by determination, Mara and her sister embarked on a mission to create a unique coffee experience for their community. Despite skepticism, Mara remained steadfast, propelled by love for coffee and commitment to excellence. Maya Business became Mara’s ally, providing digital solutions to enhance customer experiences and expand her reach.

“Maya Business provided innovative payment solutions, enhancing customer experiences and attracting new clientele,” she explained.

Merphi Panaguiton

Amid pandemic challenges, Merphi Panaguiton envisioned ATOMM Studios, Philippines’ first self-photo studio in Quezon City and Alabang. Born during the pandemic, ATOMM Studio’s innovative model shook up the industry, offering a unique service. To ensure quality, Merphi and her team refined their craft. As their business expanded, they optimized financial processes with Maya Business.

“With Maya Business, processing transactions for ATOMM became a breeze, allowing us to focus on helping our customers capture their best moments,” Merphi shared.

“Maya Business propelled our sales growth, empowering clients to select desired pieces with ease,” Veronica emphasized.

As Mara, Merphi and Veronica carve their paths to success, their stories inspire aspiring entrepreneurs everywhere. With user-friendly payment solutions, the journey to success becomes more accessible. Maya Business offers a suite of payment options, including debit, credit, QR and e-wallets, along with support for loan applications, fostering business growth. (PR)


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