Young push biker dreams of int'l success

ACCIDENTAL PASSION. After discovering pushbiking by accident when he was three years old, Mavis Jayden Rogado Dumdum has taken to the sport like fish to water. / contributed
ACCIDENTAL PASSION. After discovering pushbiking by accident when he was three years old, Mavis Jayden Rogado Dumdum has taken to the sport like fish to water. / contributed

WHILE a different joy is felt after unlocking a new goal like learning to drive a bicycle, a seven-year-old homegrown boy of Barangay Mantuyong, Mandaue City, Cebu accidentally discovered a local pushbike club and now drives pedal-less to compete internationally.

Mavis Jayden Rogado Dumdum was only three years old when he was exploring his neighborhood and stumbled upon a local pushbike club.

Despite the difference and uniqueness of the sport, the Grade 7 student from St. Louis College Cebu, Mandaue City found his love and dedicated himself to mastering the sport.

“Mavis started participating in pushbike sports by joining the club he found in his neighborhood. He was immediately drawn to the unique sport and decided to give it a try,” said his mother, Ninna Dumdum.

Pushbike kids are pedal-less two-wheeled bicycles that aid in a child learning balance, steering, braking and riding. They are also referred to as toddler push bikes, balancing bikes, glider bikes, running bikes or strider bikes. Children between the ages of 12 months and five are intended for use with balance bikes. Compared to training wheels, they might make the switch from training wheels to a pedal cycle easier for kids.

“Pushbike, also known as balance bike racing, is a competitive sport where riders race on bicycles without pedals, relying solely on their balance and coordination to maneuver around the track,” said Ninna.

What sets pushbike apart from cycling is its emphasis on balance and agility rather than on pedaling power.

At a very tender age, his parents were amazed by the dedication of their child to learn the sport.

“As a supportive parent, I encourage Mavis by attending his competitions, providing emotional support, and helping him manage his training schedule and academic commitments,” said Ninna.

Dumdum won his first international trophy after finishing fourth overall out of 18 racers in the open male 6-7 years old category in the 2024 Academic Children’s Pushbike Invitational Competition in Yuen Long, Hong Kong on March 31, 2024.

After Hong Kong, Dumdum will also be competing in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on May 4 to 5 for the M8 Pushbike International Championship together with other pushbikers in his team, Ark Philippines.

“Mavis’s training includes practicing balance and coordination exercises, mastering bike handling skills, and participating in local pushbike races to gain experience and confidence,” said Ninna.

Their son’s training includes a well-organized schedule and time management to balance his academics and athletics. In order to maintain his academic commitments and make time for competition preparation, he employs time management strategies.

Ninna shared that Mavis’s current goals include improving his skills, gaining more experience in competitive racing, and setting new personal records.

“Mavis’s dream is to become a professional pushbike racer and compete at the highest levels of the sport, eventually aiming for international recognition and success,” she added.


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