Ambolodto brgy captain cries foul over harassment of residents

Ambolodto brgy captain cries foul over harassment of residents

Ambolodto Barangay Captain Loay Keith Sinsuat in the Municipality of Datu Odin Sinsuat revealed that the residents of his barangay experienced harassment that some of them flee from their homes out of fear.

His revelation is aimed at spreading awareness of the violence and scare that transpired in his barangay prior to the BSKE 2022 elections to inform the higher offices and the public of the harassment that affected the normal living of their constituents.

Sinsuat, in his letter of appeal furnished to Municipal Commission on Elections (Comelec) Election Officer Jeffrey Lala and copy-furnished to Municipal Administrator Datu Esreal Sinsuat on October 26, stated that there was reported harassment done by 20 or more individuals to spread fear among the peace-loving people in Barangay Ambodoldto.

Sinsuat said the continuous insistence and attempts of these individuals to the barangays have disrupted the daily lives of the residents including the education of their children, among other aspects.

"Once news is circulated of their return, they (residents) flee from their homes, a strong indication of the fear they have instilled in the people with just the mere thought of them coming back to the community," the village chief said.

Sinsuat elaborated that on October 24, 2023, there were allegedly two pick-up trucks that drove around the barangay to take videos of houses and people outside their homes, causing panic among the residents that made them flee from their home.

"The following day, four vans, once again drove around the barangay with around five women who got off from it in the guise of putting up a few election materials of a candidate... but they were more of taking videos and pictures of the area," he said, adding that: "It is clear that they want to spread terror to the residents who prompted to leave their homes in fear."

Sinsuat added on October 26, 2023, around 11 a.m., a group of individuals arrived in Sitio Baloi to harass the residents.

Sinsuat said that it was a clear violation of the agreement during the dialogue attended by various government departments, PNP, and AFP related to the BSKE elections. The dialogue was convened at the heels of the shooting incident last May 23, 2023 which ignited the tension and panic among the residents.

"When we all want to resolve this peacefully, others just intimidate and provoke the authorities, disregard the sanctity of an agreement, and most especially disperse their terrorist acts to cause more fear among the residents," Sinsuat said.

With these, Sinsuat implores the authorities who were present in the said dialogue to compel the individuals behind the intimidation to respect the agreement while appealing to the Election Officer to look into the possible violations committed. PR


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