ATI-Davao empowers youth in agriculture innovation

ATI-Davao empowers youth in agriculture innovation

THE Agricultural Training Institute-Davao Regional Training Center (ATI-Davao) will offer four main services, including scholarship and internship programs for the children of farmers and fishermen.

These services include training and scholarship for strengthening competency and competitiveness through capability building; demonstration in modeling technologies, best agriculture and fisheries extension practices, and innovations; empowering farmers and fisheries through advisory services and information services in enhancing agriculture fishers extension knowledge products and services. 

To enhance competitiveness and capacities in the Agricultural and Fisheries (AF) sector, ATI provides scholarship programs for both degree and non-degree training.

Under the degree program, ATI offers Educational Assistance for The Youth in Agriculture (EAsY Agri), a college scholarship grant supporting the children of smallholder farmers and fishers interested in agriculture, providing equal opportunities for pursuing degrees in agriculture and related fields.

Non-degree programs include the youth scholarship grant on organic garming, an internship program aimed at instilling an appreciation for organic agriculture, to adopt it as a source of income. This program goes beyond covering tuition fees and stipends, providing start-up support and mentoring for business plan implementation, empowering youth to become organic agripreneurs.

ATI collaborates with Foundations for People Development, Inc. – Molding Future Innovations (FPD-MFI) to offer a two-year scholarship program called the Youth Empowerment through a sustainable program. This targets members of 4H clubs nationwide, particularly out-of-school youth (OSY) and high school graduates, equipping them with knowledge and skills in agriculture and entrepreneurship technology, aiming to cultivate a new generation of farmers for agricultural sustainability and food security.

ATI also provides an international exchange program aimed at fostering the holistic development of young Filipinos by equipping them with advanced knowledge and technologies in partner countries Japan and Taiwan. This program offers technical knowledge and skills in agricultural and cooperative management, along with opportunities to learn about agricultural information and appreciate Japanese culture, work, and values.

The Internship Program facilitates the acquisition of skills and knowledge through the exchange of modern agricultural and fisheries techniques, marketing strategies, cooperative management, and the enhancement of competencies, discipline, and values.

"This program was created because, as we all know, the Philippines is behind in terms of technologies and mechanizations from different countries abroad. With this program, we are sending young people, who are willing to learn advanced technology in our partner countries," Lynn A. Leopoldo, 4H club coordinator, said in the vernacular during the AgriBiz Media Forum, Tuesday, May 21, 2024. DEF


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