Battle begins for Araw ng Dabaw ESports Fest 2024

Battle begins for Araw ng Dabaw ESports Fest 2024

DEDICATION. Passion. Discipline–every athlete's investment in the competitive scene. 

As the gates open, a total of 117 teams all over Mindanao will fight for the championship title in the first Araw ng Dabaw Esports Fest on March 16, 2024, at Ayala Malls Abreeza, Davao City, featuring three games–Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB), Tekken 8, and Garena Call of Duty: Mobile (CODM). 

Several athletes have prepared for weeks and traveled far to join the event.

“We are from Cagayan De Oro City, representing EA XCEED Kurzo. We are eager to meet players from different cities in Mindanao. We already know our opponents, they are very skilled and competitive, with some being pros. We are excited to face them in battle and hope to reign as the champions of CODM Araw ng Dabaw 2024,” EA ADR — Team Captain for EA KURZO, said in an interview with Davao Esports Enthusiast Association on March 14, 2024.

A team from the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (Barmm), The Moro Generals (TMG), an MLBB team, said that “The Araw ng Dabaw eSports tournament presents a golden opportunity for The Moro Generals to test their mettle against some of the best teams in the island Mindanao,”. 

“More than just a competition, TMG views their participation as a platform to demonstrate the potential of Bangsamoro youth in eSports. Success in this tournament would not only validate their skills but also serve as a beacon of hope and achievement for their communities back home,” TMG management said. 

They added that “Win or lose, The Moro Generals are committed to representing their culture with pride and to bringing the essence of Bangsamoro resilience to the forefront of the eSports world,” TMG added. 

More than competition, friendships were also visible in every tournament and community.

“I am looking forward to having a successful tournament and fun experience this upcoming araw ng davao esports fest. To be honest, I am very excited about this event since I would be meeting my CODM online friends in real life,” Cedrick Joel B. Tulo, team manager of KTLX, as CODM team said.

A representative from Team K-SwagxWT (MLBB) from Maa, Davao City, said that it’s about time that Mindanao esports athletes experience what esports athletes in Manila have.

“Overall, We are looking forward to enjoying and connecting with fellow gamers and experiencing the vibrant Esports community firsthand in Davao - kita napud oi, sige na lang taga-Manila (we should grab this opportunity and enjoy esports),” 

They added that they are “excited to immerse ourselves in the world of Esports! We are all hoping to learn about the latest developments in the industry and discover new gaming strategies from the matched,”.

Meanwhile, a total of 64 teams participated in the MLBB tournament, these are City Of Mati Esports, Dnx Main, Saikyō, Monarchs, Ten Days Only, Dnx Solid, Gamerpact X Metanoia, Blacklist Agents Esports B, Elite Rebel, Blacklist Agents Esports A, Enyro Nakatta, Gld Rustica Fe, Halx Kings, Redflag Enjoyer, Odec - Opus Dei Esports Cafe, Xenority Edge / Xeno, Holychild College Of Davao, Lou Esports X Rin, Draco Esports, Team Lipskie, Fungi Fanatics, Aerowolf Solid, Lock, Vain, Dreamhigh Solid.,Dms Acromation, Dms Davao De Oro, Blacklist_agents, Azure Pantheons, Forbidden Gods Ph, The Nights, Ce X Bl, Unknowns Qt, Vain Eagles, Area 77, Tpe., Paslot Esports, Vortex Esports., Agila Esports, Supreme, Rtsu Esports, Ang Shark Ang Korodile, Metanoia V3, Blacklist Agents Esports C, Spc Esports, Luckyme  Esports, Resonance Esports, Fenrir, Danz Esports, K-swag, Rampage Esports (Rpg), Davao Boyz, Humilitize, Genki Dama, Gtcd Esports, Palubog Esports, Team Jolo, Kids Next Door, J.a Fiber Glass, The Moro Generals, Sky Wanderers, Golden Events, Gnarah, Kitsugi, and NightemperoX.

Aside from that, there are also 21 teams for the CODM, some are even from Cagayan de Oro, Cebu, Zamboanga and other parts in Mindanao aside from homegrown esports teams in Davao City. 

Participating teams are Anx Soar High, Tribe Davao, Abg Maldito, Seraphsaints, Nft Cth, Abg X Bbc, Crucial Assailants, Ac Ktl, Abg Anyag Fz, Chocomelon Agila, Anx Ignite, Althea Esp, Ktlx Esports, Abg Dilaab Fz, Reg Gen, Ea Kurzo, Swito, Agnitio, Anx Team 3, Avaricious and Da Azazel.

On the other hand, a total of 32 Tekken 8 players have signed up for the tournament, they are kemikal, Dzheey, 34MagNum, Quodoh, Fros1byt, Joeutrippin, gclef, JamJam0421, REXDelta10, zenerflux, CLGBlaze, Yopii, bertsama, J0hnS, BaiAmarah, CaramelldansenTite, Detector116, Fulva, okiuwu, 9Eleafnin, RexVest, Hakken, Chowtzy, bitmycoke, HOPKICK, madmancraz1, DreiHachi, SantiRondonCalma, Kero3301, Jimmm, CharcoalBread, and Putocheese.

Government’s support impact

Esports athletes said that the support of the government’s sports division has greatly impacted them to be more passionate, valued, and recognized as legitimate sports.

“Esports is relatively new to the sports industry, but governments should consider supporting it, as It fosters competitiveness among teams and promotes collaboration and teamwork, which are essential for growth as a person,” EAXCEED ADR said.

Another player from BLCK Agents, an MLBB team said that esports “fosters economic growth through job creation, stimulates tourism through events and tournaments, promotes digital literacy and STEM education, and provides opportunities for international diplomacy and cultural exchange through global competitions,”. 

“Another reason for the government to acknowledge and accept esports is its potential to channel youth energy and talent into constructive and organized activities, reducing the likelihood of engagement in less productive or harmful pursuits. Embracing esports provides a platform for young people to excel, fostering discipline, teamwork, and strategic thinking skills essential for success in various aspects of life,” they added. PR


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