InLife offers Dollar Secure 7

InLife offers Dollar Secure 7

INSULAR Life (InLife) recently launched a limited-time, guaranteed issue US Dollar-denominated life insurance plan with guaranteed annual cash payouts called Dollar Secure 7.

Dollar Secure 7 is a seven-year guaranteed issue offer life insurance plan that provides annual cash payouts of up to 4% of paid premiums beginning on the first policy year. Aside from guaranteed cash payouts, clients enjoy life insurance coverage until the policy matures in the 7th year upon which all premiums paid will be returned regardless of market conditions.

“The pandemic and recent geopolitical conflicts caused many to become risk-averse and uncomfortable with the volatile markets. We also noticed that many of our customers prefer products that have the following features: life insurance coverage, regular guaranteed cash payouts, a return of the premiums they paid, and guaranteed policy issuance. Knowing these, we decided to offer a US Dollar-denominated plan with those features. Aside from our conservative customers, Dollar Secure 7 is suitable for our clients who may want to de-risk their US Dollar-denominated portfolios into a plan with capital protection to provide for their long-term financial goals,” Gae L. Martinez, InLife’s Chief Marketing Officer said.

Dollar Secure 7 is available for a limited time only. Interested parties are advised to get in touch with an InLife Financial Advisor to know more about this offer and follow InLife’s Facebook Page for product updates, events, and promotions. PR

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