Try AIMHI: The game-changing construction smart tool for engineers

Try AIMHI: The game-changing construction smart tool for engineers

TECHNOLOGY constantly redefines various industries, and construction — a long-considered traditional and labor-intensive field is no exemption from it. Artificial Intelligence Meets Human Intelligence (Aimhi) - an innovative AI-powered project management platform- is the latest construction technology that makes project management easier and holds the key to maximizing profits – for only P1,050!

As a driving force behind this transformation, Aimhi combines artificial intelligence with human intelligence in the construction industry, ushering in a new era of profitability and efficiency.

“Aimhi is more than just a schedule organizer, cost tracker, or inventory manager. AIMHI is an easy-to-use construction management software that ensures profit increase by offering real-time insights and actionable recommendations that can help engineers & contractors proactively make decisions before the risk occurs. Helping them reduce cost, minimize risk, increase efficiency, and ultimately increase profit. This AI-driven cost optimization platform uses real-time and historical data to learn project inefficiencies, manpower productivity, and overall cost behavior,” Aimhi Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Cherryanne Lee Angoy said.

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, construction companies must address this feeling of missing out as they navigate the current wave of innovation because most subcontractors and some contractors still rely on spreadsheets to manage their construction projects.

This shows the need for digitalization to solve this long-standing problem in construction, such as delayed completion, over-budgeting, and falling below profit margin.

This advanced technology is designed to augment human capabilities and make project management more effective and proactive, with a five to 10 percent boost in profitability.

“Among the biggest challenges for contractors is finishing projects according to technical specifications while still hitting the desired profit margin. This has become more difficult due to multiple reasons: unpredictable weather conditions, supply, and shortage in materials, machinery breakdown, reactive cost management during the construction period, poor manpower productivity, and poor material inventory, making construction decision management more complex,” Angoy said.

Aimhi is set to unveil a groundbreaking feature. Beyond proficient risk management, Aimhi's upcoming release will introduce predictive capabilities. It can optimize resource allocation, reduce waste, and enhance project efficiency. As projects run smoother and more efficiently, the bottom line is positively impacted, increasing profits.

Based on the work pattern in construction project management, Aimhi will generate proactive suggested tasks or the Next Best Activity (NBA) to ensure risks are mitigated, budgets protected, and ultimately improve the profit.

Automating repetitive tasks and simplifying complex decision-making are key features of the AimhiI. Users will experience a streamlined process as they can upload project estimates, monitor actual spending versus the budget, track manpower and equipment allocation, manage project schedules, and receive proactive task suggestions. Everything is conveniently available on a comprehensive dashboard, giving a clear picture of how things are progressing, a timeline overview, overall budget status, and project ranking.

Aimhi empowers project managers to venture into new opportunities with confidence. More projects lead to more profits, and Aimhi makes this expansion a reality for construction companies.

Aimhi is at the forefront of a game-changing wave in the construction industry. By embracing digitalization and incorporating AI into project management strategies, construction companies can look forward to increased profitability, minimized risks, and newfound opportunities for growth. Aimhi is not just a tool; it's a gateway to a more profitable future in the construction industry.

Discover how Aimhi’s construction management platform can boost your profits by five to 10 percent.

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