'Catch-up Fridays' eased for teachers

'Catch-up Fridays' eased for teachers
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JENIELITO "Dodong" Atillo, spokesperson of the Department of Education (DepEd-Davao), clarified during the AFP-PNP press conference held on Wednesday morning, March 27, 2024, at the Royal Mandaya Hotel, that the implementation of “Catch-up Fridays” has been streamlined to alleviate any perceived burden on teachers.

Atillo emphasized that rather than viewing it as an additional task, they have simplified the teaching-learning process to make it more manageable. 

“They look at it as a calvary on the part of the teachers by saying it’s an additional task, no, dili na siya additional task gumikan kay atong gi hashasan, atong gi simplify ang implementation sa teaching-learning process  (This is not an additional task because we have simplified the implementation of the teaching-learning process),” he affirmed.

The approach focuses on three core learning areas: Mathematics, Science, and English, with an emphasis on performance tasks and reading for students. 

Atillo underscored that while the program aims to assist students in their learning journey, it remains non-graded and centers on fostering improvement.

With the Philippines boasting a flexible curriculum, Atillo expressed confidence in the adaptability of the educational system. He stressed the importance of analyzing data to inform enhancements to the curriculum and teaching methods.

In addition to “Catch-up Fridays,” DepEd has also introduced other initiatives such as the Alternative Learning System (ALS) to support students' educational needs. 

“We are trying to provide other avenues depende sa kahimtang o sitwasyon sa mga kabataan and kaning atoang continuous utilization sa blended program sa delivery modes natu say kaning online and modular scheme (We are trying to provide other avenues depending on the situation of the children and our continuous utilization of the blended program in the delivery modes like the online and modular scheme),” Atillo explained.

During “Catch-up Fridays,” the National Reading Program takes center stage, encompassing values, health, and peace education. Students participating in the program are not graded; instead, their progress is tracked through self-reflection journals. DepEd underscored the significance of taking an integrative approach to teaching during the program. RGP


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