Chinese food to usher in good luck, unity, prosperity

Chinese food to usher in good luck, unity, prosperity
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For Filipino-Chinese celebrating the Lunar New Year, certain foods hold symbolic significance as these bring luck for the entire year. 

Food, for them, plays a crucial role in fostering and strengthening family ties throughout the Lunar New Year, providing opportunities for connection, cultural preservation, and the creation of enduring memories that resonate across generations.

Consider these four essential dishes for your Lunar New Year table:

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According to Chinese belief, Tikoy's stickiness serves as a metaphor for the strong bonds within the family, symbolizing how its sweetness brings loved ones together, sticking through thick and thin.

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Whole Steamed Fish

Another one, it's a common tradition to include a whole steamed fish on the dinner table on the Lunar New Year. This symbolizes good well-being and prosperity, as the pronunciation of the Chinese word for fish also means 'being abundant.'

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Pata Tim and Longevity Noodles

They also say that Pata Tim and Noodle dishes are traditionally believed to bring positivity and longevity to the family, adding meaningful elements to the Lunar New Year feast.

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Spring rolls

Also known as lumpia, these symbolize wealth due to their resemblance to gold bars. Consuming spring rolls during this auspicious time is believed to usher in wealth and prosperity. 

Did you know that there's a proper way to eat noodles, especially during the Lunar New Year or even on a regular day?

Nila Lao, a Dabawenyo with Chinese heritage, who has been celebrating Chinese New Year for 73 years now, shares her insights.

In the context of noodle consumption, Lao emphasizes that using teeth to cut the noodles should be avoided. 

“It is advisable to slurp all the noodles into the mouth before chewing, as it is considered the appropriate way to enjoy the dish,” she said.

Additionally, according to Lao, Chinese beliefs involve partaking in various fruits associated with good fortune during the Lunar New Year.

For example, oranges symbolize harmony and good luck in financial aspects, apples symbolize peace, whereas 'pomelo,' symbolizes family reunion. 

Pomelos are also considered a tradition for welcoming positive energies and blessings.

Those are just the few affordable foods you can prepare to usher in luck and prosperity this Lunar New Year. AJA


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