CHO urges kids’ proper hygiene to prevent parasitic infections
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CHO urges kids’ proper hygiene to prevent parasitic infections

AN OFFICIAL from the City Health Office (CHO) urged parents to prioritize hygiene practices for children to prevent infections and diseases caused by parasitic worms.

Elizabeth Banzon, RN, head of the Tropical Diseases Prevention and Control Unit Coordinator and CHO-Nutrition Division, highlighted on Wednesday, January 10, 2024, that children often contract worm infections by accidentally ingesting worm eggs found in soil.

“Ang kanang atung mga soil, atung mga yuta nga kadula ang atoang mga bata unya dili sila makahugas sa kamot pwede nga didtoa na nila makuha so pagmagkaon dili man mahugasan ang kamot ang katung itlog padulong na diritso sa tiyan (Our children play in soil, and if they don't wash their hands after playing, they can ingest these eggs. When they eat without washing their hands, the eggs go straight to their stomachs),” she said.              

She cautioned about the risk of children acquiring hookworms while playing barefoot, as the worm larvae can penetrate through their feet. 

Once inside the body, these worms consume nutrients, leading to symptoms like loss of appetite, weight loss, swollen stomachs, stomachaches, malnourishment, and difficulty concentrating.

Additionally, CHO advised thorough washing of purchased vegetables since they grow in soil. 

Banzon emphasized the importance of handwashing before food preparation to prevent parasites.

She emphasized the need to use proper restrooms for waste disposal, as human waste containing eggs can contaminate the soil where children play. 

Handwashing before and after eating is crucial to prevent ingesting worm eggs.

She urged parents to ensure their children receive deworming treatment, which the government provides free and safely. The deworming tablets have minimal side effects and are best taken after a meal, except for children with severe coughs or illnesses.

The CHO observes January as National Deworming Month, conducting a second round in July 2024 after six months. 

While deworming targets the general population, children aged one and above receive priority in this program. RGP

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