Colors to boost positive vibes in the Year of the Dragon

Colors to boost positive vibes in the Year of the Dragon

If you are someone who firmly believes in luck and embraces Chinese traditions, part of the excitement of celebrating the Lunar New Year lies in choosing the perfect outfit to attract luck and prosperity.

In Chinese traditions, getting new clothes for the Lunar New Year is seen as one of the most important things to do, symbolizing new beginnings and leaving behind the bad luck of the previous year. 

Astrologers interpreting the Chinese New Year believe that the colors we wear can also affect our mood, and selecting them based on the relative strength of the five elements (fire, earth, metal, water, and wood) can be a game changer.

What colors to wear on Lunar New Year

If you are curious about the lucky colors for your Chinese zodiac sign, South China Morning Post (SCMP) has assessed color recommendations for each sign:

Rat (Water) - Wear yellow, brown, blue or black to attract luck. Green or red for career and negotiations.

Ox (Earth) - Wear sage green and shades of gray to balance energy. Red and orange for recognition.

Tiger (Wood) - Wear blue, black, turquoise or aquamarine to manage an overwhelming feeling of abundance. This will also boost your creativity. 

Rabbit (Wood) - Wear pale blue, pale green or lemon to manifest good health and overcome obstacles. 

Dragon (Earth) - Wear coral red, bright yellow, white or gold for balance and protection. 

Snake (Fire) - Wear bright yellow, purple, white or gold for career luck and self-improvement. 

Horse (Fire) - Wear yellow, orange or brown to harmonize with fire and handle challenges. 

Goat (Earth) - Wear turquoise, purple, orange or gray to harmonize with strong energy and reduce pressure. 

Monkey (Metal) - Wear white, orange or lemon to maintain a balanced year. 

Rooster (Metal) - Wear sea blue, raffia, straw yellow or orange for smooth progress and recognition. 

Dog (Earth) - Wear white, gold, orange or peach to prevent wealth loss and impulsiveness. 

Pig (Water) - Wear yellow, lavender or pale blue to draw luck this year. 

Whether you're a believer or simply curious, there's no harm in incorporating these habits into our lives for a renewed sense of energy and purpose and to align with the energies of the year of the Wood Dragon.


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