Community of empowered startups

Bayanihan ventures launches 'Founder’s Circle' to support startups
Community of empowered startups
Photo by Bayanihan Ventures

For startups seeking to build connections, gain knowledge, and access mentorship to strengthen their businesses, the 'Founder’s Circle' by Bayanihan Ventures is the ideal platform to join.

Bayanihan Ventures launched the first Founder’s Circle on February 23, 2024 at Cacao Culture in Juna Subdivision, Davao City. This will be a monthly gathering for both new and seasoned founders, aimed at fostering knowledge sharing and the exchange of business ideas.

Composed of experienced entrepreneurs and technologically savvy individuals, Bayanihan Ventures offers a unique community where startup founders can find support and expertise. 

Nikhil Antao, Co-Founder of Bayanihan Ventures, established the Founder’s Circle to facilitate discussions and meetings among entrepreneurs, providing them with the necessary support and opportunities to exchange knowledge.

"Gaining an outside perspective is crucial for personal and professional growth. Having a mentor, sparring partner, or someone who can provide a perspective that contradicts your own can greatly contribute to your development," Antao said.

He came up with this idea after noticing certain loopholes in startups. Most of the time every founder focuses solely on marketing strategies without delving into the core of understanding customer needs and experiences. This oversight poses a significant challenge unless entrepreneurs grasp precisely the pain points they are addressing.

Antao underscored that understanding everything first about the market you wish to enter and your target customers is key to one’s startup journey. He added that through this, one can avoid the painful process of failing after falling in love with an idea, designing, and implementing it.

“Even if you have an initial idea before starting to build your product, it's crucial to first engage with customers, gain insights, and simulate scenarios,”Nikhil emphasized.

Founder’s Circle also aims to support individuals aspiring to become entrepreneurs, emphasizing that one does not necessarily need a master’s degree or high qualifications, but rather a strong sense of determination, grit, and passion for their project.

Bayanihan Ventures offers the Founders Circle by organizing discussions or meetings among fellow entrepreneurs, promoting the exchange of knowledge and support. Moreover, it entails receiving constructive criticism and seeking mentorship to navigate their entrepreneurial path effectively. AJA


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