Daro Art Immersion Exhibit Creating deeper works of art through immersion in livelihood communities

Daro Art Immersion Exhibit
Creating deeper works of art through immersion in livelihood communities
Photo by Aly Albior

The Lawig Diwa Inc. again upholds the harmonious blend of imagination and compassion from artists all over Mindanao during the Daro Art Immersion Exhibition at Poblacion Market Central, Davao City, on Thursday afternoon, April 18.

The exhibition, which was in partnership with Metrobank Foundation, Inc. and Metrobank Art and Design Excellence and supported by the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Davao Region (BFAR-Davao) and Hectares of Hope, represents the Mindanaoan artists' immersion in livelihood communities, transforming their life experiences into art, refined through Daro's mentors for both conceptual and stylistic excellence.

Photo by Aly Albior

The Mindanaoan artists who immersed themselves in the countryside alongside the farmers are honoring the vibrant red soil of Cadalian, which has nourished the Klata and Monuvu communities for ages. The steep and bumpy dirt roads surprised the artists as these became like a welcoming red carpet into the vast and fertile land.

While, the artists who sailed alongside the fishermen also pay tribute to the vibrant azure hues of the Sarangani Strait, which has been a source of sustenance and life for the Sangil, Blaan, Tausug, and Manobo communities for generations. They experienced firsthand the deep connection between these diverse peoples and the coastal landscapes they inhabit, where the sea acts as a nurturing and infinite expanse, abounding with endless possibilities, forever dancing to its own abundant rhythm.

Photo by Aly Albior

Constancio Baes Jr., President of Hope for the Nations Philippines, said their vision is to holistically transform these marginalized farmers and to help them financially, physically, and educationally to create a community that focuses more on the future of the children.

During the exhibition, RD Relly B. Garcia, through Renee Enriquez, officer-in-charge of the Regional Fisheries Training and Fisherfolk Coordination Division (RFTFCD), said they are now unveiling this art exhibit inspired by the learnings and the immersion of the artists into the lives of our fisherfolk.

Photo by Aly Albior

“The stories of our fisherfolk through the powerful medium of art that transcends boundaries are presented. These stories will depict their struggles, achievements, and their everyday lives. This exhibit is not just a mere collection of art pieces, but a tribute to our fishing community,” Garcia said.

This was the first-ever Daro Art Immersion exhibit in Davao City; almost a hundred artworks were displayed during the event.

Mindanaoan artist and icon Rey Mudjahid “Kublai” Millan, Artist & President of Lawig Diwa Inc., said during the ribbon cutting ceremony that in order for an artist to create an artwork, it’s better that they first experience the lifestyle of their subjects.

Photo by Aly Albior

“For the artist to know their subject, we wanted them to stay with them, to immerse with them, live with them.  Para makasabot gyud sila sa ilahang mga damgo, sa ilahang mga problema, sa ilahang mga kalipay, (So that they understand their subjects’ dreams, challenges, happiness) by staying and experiencing their lives, mas masabtan sa mga artists ang kalisod ug ka-intricate ang ilahang field. So that way, mas gwapo ang trabaho (artists can better understand the challenges and the intricacy of their field. So that way, they works become better),” Millan said. 

Millan also encourages and inspires artists to transform their talents into something greater.

“Dili lang enough nga mo-paint lang ka. Kinahanglan gyud nga sabton nimo imohang ginapinta. So, lalom siya nga proseso (It’s not enought that you only paint. You need to understand what you are painting. So it’s a deep process) but of course, you start with the skill. But skill is just skill… drawing ka, kulang. Ang akoang grupo (it’s not enough that you only draw. My group), we encourage the artist to turn their talents into something more, which is a gift kapag mas lalom na imohang trabaho tapos ishare na nimo (when there is already depth in your works and then you share it),” he added. Kia Bacomo, DNSC Intern


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