Davao City commemorates Rizal’s 163rd birthday

Davao City commemorates Rizal’s 163rd birthday
Zoelah Kristine Alkuino, AdDU Intern

THE City Government of Davao honored the sacrifices of Dr. Jose Rizal for the country’s sovereignty during the commemoration of his 163rd birthday at Rizal Park in Davao City on Wednesday morning, June 19, 2024.

Mayor Sebastian "Baste"  Duterte, represented by Councilor Al Ryan Alejandre, said that on this day, the country not only commemorates the birthday of “the greatest hero of the Philippines but also his contributions that unified all Filipinos to achieve independence and sovereignty.

"Rizal advocates peacefulness mainly with his writing, which not only exposes justice but also ignites a sense of nationalism among our ancestors," he said.  

"His belief and social-political reforms resonated with us, encouraging us not to be afraid of speaking the truth," he continued. 

Alejandre emphasized that all of Rizal's sacrifices embody a true Filipino spirit that can overcome any obstacle with courage and that Filipinos should uphold these beliefs to inspire the youth for they are the hope of our nation.

"As we look back on his life, we are reminded to stand up for the right and work piously towards progress and prosperity," he said.  

Rizal grew up in Calamba Laguna and witnessed the oppression and injustices experienced by Filipinos under the Spaniards. 

He demonstrated outstanding skills in the arts, philosophy, and literature. He used his knowledge to awaken the spirit of the Filipinos.

His most well-known works are Noli me Tangere (Touch Me Not), a novel that focuses on social injustices, and El Filibusterismo (The Reign of Greed), which delves into revolution and the consequences of oppression.

Rizal was executed at Bagumbayan, now known as Luneta Park, on December 30, 1896. Stracey Gayle C. Ferolin, Addu Intern


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