Davao City Housing Office to be implemented this year

Aerial shot of Davao City as seen from a plane.
Aerial shot of Davao City as seen from a plane.Ralph Llemit/SunStar Photo

A DAVAO City Councilor announced that the implementation of the ordinance establishing the Davao City Housing Office (DCHO) department is scheduled for 2024.

During the Aprubado sa Konseho-Media Forum on Tuesday morning, May 14, 2024, at the Sangguniang Panlungsod, Third District Councilor Alberto Ungab, chairperson of the Committee on Appointment and Government Reorganization, shared this development.

“The housing office should be able to improve the housing problems in the city of Davao, especially providing affordable and low-cost housing for those homeless and those without housing units,” he said.   

Ungab highlighted the importance of considering social and economic factors, including the livelihood sustainability of individuals, before relocating them to new housing areas.

He noted that the city's housing challenges are compounded by a rapidly increasing population, with Davao City covering 244,000 hectares and hosting around 1.8-1.9 million residents across 182 barangays, featuring diverse urban, semi-urban, and rural areas.

"The city faces ongoing housing challenges. Addressing these challenges requires consideration of the absorption capacity of barangays and the potential cultural and classification changes due to relocations," he said. 

DCHO's establishment enables comprehensive studies and ensures informed, strategic planning for housing development. This initiative aims to elevate the housing and homesite development division of the City Planning and Development Office to a full-fledged city government department.

The ordinance enabling the establishment of DCHO was introduced by Councilor Ungab, approved on August 8, 2023, and has been in progress since November 2023. The initiative elevates the City Planning and Development Office's housing and homesite development division to a full-fledged city government department.

DCHO’s key role is to conduct comprehensive studies and strategic planning for housing development to create efficient and ecologically sustainable settlements for the homeless, those living in hazardous areas, and low-income households in Davao City. This collaborative effort involves shelter agencies and the corporate sector.

The establishment of DCHO is vital for enhancing residents' quality of life, promoting social equity, fostering economic growth, and supporting sustainable urban development to create a resilient, inclusive, and prosperous environment. Bianca Khu, DNSC Intern


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