Manananggals in the City: A fusion of folklore and modernity

Manananggals in the City: A fusion of folklore and modernity

AS part of a ground-breaking literary initiative, nine prominent Filipino Indie Authors from all over the country have banded together to produce "Manananggal in the City," a collection of short stories that reimagines the legendary manananggal in a contemporary setting. This daring project delves into Filipino tradition and weaves it into a compelling story set in the modern urban landscape.

The Mythical Manananggal

The manananggal is a mythological creature deeply embedded in Philippine culture and mythology, distinguished by its ability to split its upper body from its bottom half, allowing flight under the cover of night. Many people are terrified of these animals because they feast on the blood of unsuspecting victims.

However, in this one-of-a-kind literary endeavor, readers are urged to reconsider the manananggal. The protagonists, manananggals, are shown as kind animals with a strong sense of justice and honesty. They fight bad powers while also working for the greater good of the world and even falling in love.

A literary exploration

"Manananggal in the City" brings together the skills of nine talented Filipino Indie Authors, each of them offers their own interpretation of this captivating fable. These authors deftly integrate mythology into the busy metropolitan environment, presenting a scenario in which the supernatural coexists with everyday life.

The enigmatic attraction of the manananggal symbolizes the eternal force of myth and the ageless fascination with the unknown, and readers can expect to be swept into a realm where the past converges with the present. This project illuminates the varied essence of Filipino culture by fusing tradition and innovation, narrative and contemporary.

The visionaries behind the project

At the helm of this ambitious literary endeavor is Mayumi Cruz, spearheading the efforts of the Pinoy Indie Authors. Working in collaboration with esteemed authors like Maita Rue of Romance Writers of the Philippines, Jean Karl Gaverza of Philippine Spirits, and Yeyet Soriano of Heist Club, Keira Viresse, Paola Aliedo, Mia Daquial, Fred Figueroa, and Marigold Andres Uy. They form a creative powerhouse dedicated to exploring the uncharted realms of folklore and contemporary fiction.

"Manananggals in the City" is a remarkable collaboration that not only celebrates but also reimagines Filipino folklore, revealing its relevance and depth in a modern environment. The initiative highlights the skill and originality of Filipino Indie Authors by presenting an intriguing tale that captivates, fascinates, and invites readers to discover the compelling combination of myth and urban contemporary. Prepare to enter a world where tradition collides with innovation, and the manananggal emerges as a symbol of undying myth and ageless attraction.

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Philippine buyers can buy these books by contacting the authors on their social media account.

Ebooks and paperbacks are also available on Amazon and other digital stores on each author’s account. Maita Rue / Contributor

Upcoming Titles in the Collaboration

1.    The Tie That Binds by Mayumi Cruz

Genre: Urban Fantasy/Horror

FB: MayumiCruzAuthorPage

IG: @mcruz501

2.    Moonlight Eclipse by Maita Rue

Genre: Paranormal Romance/ Urban Fantasy

FB: @authormaitarue

IG: Babymoonmaita

TikTok & YouTube: @maitarue

3.    My Girlfriend Is a Manananggal by Keira Viresse

Genre: Romantic Comedy, Urban Fantasy

FB page: @KeiraViresse

IG: @keira_viresse


4.    One by One by Yeyet Soriano

Genre: Crime Fiction

FB: @Yeyetsorianowrites

IG: @Yeyetsoriano

Youtube: @yeyetsoriano6242

5.    Naima's War by Jean Karl Gaverza

Genre: Fantasy

FB&IG: @Phspirits

6.    My Manananggal Dream by Paola Aliedo

Genre: Urban Fantasy

FB: @paolaaliedo

7.    The Groovy Manananggal by Fred Figueroa

Genre: Fantasy

FB: @fred.figueroa2

8.    Maya, At Your Service by Marigold Andres Uy

Genre: Action, Fantasy

FB &IG: @goldenartsbymarigold

9.    Expansion by Mia Daquial

Genre: Sci-Fi, Fantasy

FB: @MiaDaquial


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