Tujan: Traditional ligawan to movies

(Photo by Brian Dan Congson)
(Photo by Brian Dan Congson)

THE days when a man selected a woman for his partner and offering material gifts and a promise of marriage are long gone. But when I saw the special movie screening of the Epy Quizon and KZ Tandingan’s “The Art of Ligaw”, I began to realize that perhaps the demise of dating is far from over. Or maybe it’s just done slightly differently than it was a generation ago.

The Art of Ligaw is the story of Jake (played by Epy Quizon), a young-looking forty-something who feels the infinite emptiness of living a life of landian. After decades of flirting, one night stands and hook-ups, in that moment of emptiness that feels like an eternity, he meets the ultra-guarded and feisty Carisse (played by KZ Tandingan). It is a modern millenial probinsyana working in a call center in Davao. She is repulsed by Jake’s confidence, while he is strangely attracted to her raw repulsion for him.

For the first time in his life, in the middle of this mid-life crisis, Jake decides to do what he thinks is the right thing to do -- to start a long-term and meaningful relationship, to make ligaw. But in this highly connected world where relationships comes in just a swipe of a finger, how does courting takes place?

The Art of Ligaw, written and directed by Jourdan Sebastian is shot in Davao. It promises an experience of a romantic-comedy with sheer joy, and not too cheesy.

If you are a sucker for romance, this movie is not filled with many clichés and doesn’t give you sickly sweet endings, it is bittersweet but for some reason, it will just give you a moment of escapism, and actually allow yourself to temporarily escape.

Cast include Roxanne Barcelo (as Cathy), Long Mejia (as Richard), Archie Alemania (Vince), Mercedes Cabral (Gellie), Cuckooh Calsado (Lizzie), and a pool of homegrown Davao talents.

The Art of Ligaw is produced by Coreminds Inc. and will be distributed by Cinescreen of Star Cinema. It will be showing starting in theaters this November 13.

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