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Goldie Siglos
Goldie SiglosDayne Nacional
I thought of creating pieces that could fit me whatever shape I am in
Goldie Siglos

FROM portraits to makeup to cosmetic tattoos and clothing, 26-year-old Dabawenya artist Goldie Siglos, known for her brand Bulawan (which means ‘gold’ in Bisaya), explores a diverse array of creative expressions.

Goldie attended Brokenshire College of Toril for her basic education before pursuing a bachelor's degree in Fine Arts Major in Fashion Design at the Philippine Women's College.

Despite not growing up in an artistic environment—coming from a family of educators—Goldie discovered her creativity during college. Although she didn't envision a career in the arts due to lacking role models, exposure to fashion design through a churchmate sparked her interest.

“I never really had an idea like pursuing arts as a career; I didn't really have a role model for that,” she said. 

At just 18 years old, Goldie graduated from college. Shortly before her graduation in 2016, her school organized an educational trip to Hong Kong for the country’s fashion week. It was during this trip, alongside her instructors and teachers, that Goldie realized the vast opportunities awaiting her in the fashion world. 

Following her graduation in April 2016, she participated in a fashion competition in Manila for the Bobson Japan Design Competition in October 2016. 

Goldie Siglos
Goldie SiglosDayne Nacional

Embracing a multidisciplinary approach

While pursuing her fashion degree from 2013 to 2016, Goldie simultaneously pursued makeup artistry for various events, such as creative photoshoots and weddings, among others.

Post-graduation, she began teaching fashion at PWC while contemplating her artistic path.

After earning her degree in fashion design, Goldie didn't immediately focus on making and designing clothes. Instead, she ventured into new artistic territories, discovering herself as a multidisciplinary artist who uses various art forms to express her creativity.

Goldie's repertoire includes drawing portraits, doing makeup, creating cosmetic tattoos, and designing creative tattoos.

Regarding her unique style of drawing portraits with elongated necks, Goldie explained that she began depicting herself with long necks around 2017 to 2018. As her friends admired this style and requested similar portraits, her artwork gained attention abroad, eventually becoming sought after internationally,  leading to interest and collaboration with creative agencies like “Sa Tahanan Co” (Dubai, United Arab Emirates) founded by Augustine Paredes and Anna Bernice delos Reyes and “Mercado Vicente” (New York City,United States) founded by Jan Vincent Gonzales.

Despite challenges and burnout, Goldie returned to fashion design, creating reversible and multi-wear clothes. 

Her work caught the eye of Vogue Philippines, featuring her in the April 2024 issue titled “Faces of Mindanao: The Beauty Issue.” Goldie's designs emphasize flexibility, catering to all body types and ages.

Vogue Philippines April 2024 cover issue
Vogue Philippines April 2024 cover issueVogue Philippines

Vogue feature

One of Goldie's standout moments in 2024 was being featured in Vogue Philippines' April 2024 issue titled “Faces of Mindanao: The Beauty Issue.”

The photoshoot for the magazine took place in January 2024, and the issue was officially released in April 2024. 

She was showcased for her innovative reversible and multi-wear clothing designs.

“I thought of creating pieces that could fit me whatever shape I am in,” she said.

Vogue Philippines

Her inspiration for these versatile pieces stemmed from a desire for flexible clothing that could adapt to different body weights. 

Goldie's designs prioritize inclusivity, catering to individuals of all sizes, shapes, and ages.

She described her designs as "almost shapeless," yet capable of molding to the wearer's body, highlighting their adaptability and comfort.

Goldie's advice to fellow creatives in Davao City emphasizes the importance of valuing all experiences, even the challenging ones, as they contribute to artistic growth. She encourages artists to reflect on their work critically, identifying areas for improvement and continuous refinement. RGP


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