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Fourth Davao Artisan Fair 2024
At the patio of The Big House, the various tables.
At the patio of The Big House, the various tables.CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

DAVAO City, a city renowned for its rich cultural heritage and broad array of skills, recently hosted the highly anticipated Davao Artisan Fair 2024. This event, which has become a mainstay in the city's art scene, was held at The Big House on Juna Ave. on December 2 and 3 last year. 

It was the fourth Davao Artisan Fair, the first one held pre-pandemic.

Seller and buyers haggling prices.
Seller and buyers haggling prices.CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

There was a contagious sense of inventiveness in the air as 18 artist tables displayed an eclectic assortment of unique, handmade goods. The fair showcased a diverse array of artistic expression and craftsmanship, with paintings, prints, stickers, coffee, Adlai goods, apparel, artisanal pizza, artisanal pastil, handcrafted soaps, and much more.

One of the artists from Blake Does Art, making a sketch of my character in her style.
One of the artists from Blake Does Art, making a sketch of my character in her style.CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

The variety of offers was one of the event's standout features. The intricate worlds of local artists and craftspeople were on display for visitors to peruse, with each table revealing a narrative of imagination and hard work. The variety of products showcased here is a testament to the creative and cultural diversity of Davao, as well as the skill of the artists who made them.

Over the years, the Davao Artisan Fair has grown into more than just a bazaar. Its incorporation within the city's art environment has been crucial to its development and vitality. Local artists and craftspeople can find a larger audience and more exposure at these smaller-scale fairs, which act as incubators for their skills.

The addition of delectable culinary treats like homemade pizza and pastil brought a new level of taste to the fair. Indulge your taste buds with one-of-a-kind, locally made sweets while taking in some beautiful artwork.

The economic side of the fair was secondary to its role as a gathering place for new ideas and inspiration. Artists might meet one another and share ideas and inspiration. A strong and interdependent creative community cannot be built without this cooperative mentality.

It is crucial to encourage local artists and celebrate the different abilities in the region, as seen by the success of the Davao Artisan Fair 2024. Local artists benefit economically from these events, and they also give others a chance to hear their tales and see their points of view.

Events such as the Davao Artisan Fair are crucial in molding the cultural character of Davao City, which is experiencing a thriving art scene. The fair provides a wonderful experience for everyone who attends, but it also helps artists connect with their community and builds a strong artistic ecosystem in Davao.


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