A guide to keeping cool, being cool this summer

A guide to keeping cool, being cool this summer

IT'S more fun in the Philippines! The Department of Tourism’s (DOT) slogan from 2012 still lives to this day. Filipinos sure love catchphrases and it doesn’t hurt that foreigners like the word “fun” being associated with any vacation-slash-travel spot.

The Filipino people are known to be fun and feisty, making us a perfect match with the DOT’s slogan. After living in a tropical country with a two-option season; namely, Wet and Dry, Filipinos have grown to adopt our idea of merry-making with the weather.

The Wet season is a no-brainer! With all the typhoons and tropical storms they bring, no Filipino in their right mind would dare to befriend it. Fortunately, we have the dry season, aka Summer. Summer became the Filipino people’s friend in our funs and follies. Sure, we have our tough times. Periods when the friendship entered a hiatus due to some uncontrollable circumstances (looking at you El Niño).

Despite these trials, the Filipino’s friendship with Summer remains. As Asian Islanders with tanned, melanated skin, we have always fared better than fairer ethnicities when it comes to sunny climates. It’s too bad that this year bears bad news. Our genial friend, Summer, wants to end our friendship. Summer has grown TOO HOT to hang out with the Filipinos!

After years of companionship and shared joy, Summer has grown bold and eager to show off. Hot Girl Summer In The House! Despite this, Filipinos should not wallow in despair at this recent break-up. We survived JaDine’s end of the relationship and pushed past KathNiel’s lost love, what’s a mere broken friendship for us?

Moving on from this failed companionship is vital. During these trying times, don’t forget to drink at least eight glasses of water, drink more if needed. You may shed tears due to this friendship break-up so make sure to rehydrate as often as you can.

Filipinos may not be able to beat Summer in a competition of Hotness but we sure have our edge when it comes to coolness. You can also make refreshing drinks as another way to rehydrate. Squeeze some lime or lemon, a dash of sugar, and tons of ice then bam - you’ve got yourself a simple drink to prevent heat exhaustion.

Another important piece of advice is to start your homebuddy era. Sometimes the best way to move on from a broken heart is to live life and travel but this is not advisable currently.

Let’s not forget that this Summer is hotter than ever and you might get sunburned from too much exposure to her.

If you really need to get out of your nest, for work, groceries, or whatever purpose, please make sure to wear sunscreen. Summer is feeling vindictive and you need protection to stay safe from her sizzling rays. Stay home or sunscreen, you’ve got two options.

You must also take note of your OOTD (Outfit of the Day). Filipinos need to show Summer that even without her friendship, we can still look stunning. But don’t forget to choose outfits that will make you feel cool (literally). Don’t wear heat-retaining fabrics or clothes with thick lining, Summer will laugh in your face while you sweat like crazy. So uncool!

Lastly, always remember that it’s okay to take a break. Losing a friend is a big deal and no one would blame you if you decide to rest from your usual tasks. Find a cool spot, relax, and enjoy your day! Eat an ice cream or binge-watch your favorite series. Being cool is not limited to your body, it is also a mindset. To survive summer, you must keep cool, and most importantly... Be cool!  Christal Mae B. Napone/Contributor


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