A roomful of fur and purrs

A roomful of fur and purrs

SUNSTAR columnist and one of Davao's pioneering bloggers Jojie Alcantara said it's her way of bringing healing to Choose Philippines' Ida Damo whose furbaby Budo recently crossed the rainbow bridge.

I think it was just Jojie's creative ways to enjoy time with a bunch of purring and furry critters. The invitation was at 2 p.m. at Purrbox Cafe, the cat cafe along J.P. Laurel Avenue in Bajada (right beside the Nissan showroom), a venture of three friends -- Arthur “Uloy” Ong Jr., Erwin Tan, and Archt. Keseree Ng, sharing their love of cats and food. With Jojie and Ida were Jojie's daughter Kammy and friend Joyce Mariscal.

Kammy was getting impatient, wanting to go upstairs where the cats are, but Jojie was firm, we must eat first or else will not be able to eat once we start mingling with the cats.

I enjoyed looking around the cat stuff instead, although I swear, Uloy's creamy mushroom pasta is the best. Ever. But let's reserve that for some other time.

The biggest plus factor for me: their catfood are reasonable priced. I bought three packs of Vitality Catcare. The rest of the afternoon was taken over by the cats. And yes, it's therapeutic.

Just don't mind that whiff of something when you enter. Don't worry, you'll get used to the slightly musky odor, you won't notice it after a few minutes.

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