Alvarez: Why can't we make others ultimately happy?

SOMETIMES we think that to be positive, we need to make others happy. We needed to sacrifice our own joy to please others and that it is worthier to live a life harmonious by trying so much efforts to make unhappy people happy. But don’t we know that our first responsibility is to make ourselves happy and that it is no longer our responsibility to force others to be happy if they choose not to be? The truth is that our happiness depends on us – if we decide to be negative, everything follows to be so negative too. Therefore, we can never choose for others to be happy. Let me share to you a few reasons why we cannot ultimately make others happy.

Some people simply hate somebody. In turn, you can see them giggling and playing but only with those they love. These people choose when to be happy or not. No matter how the other person pleases them, stoop down on them or even assume as a clown to entertain them – that will never change their mood. It will only cause the feeling of rejection towards others, so better not get too close to them. Or your energy will be depleted with their negative vibes. You should understand that not everyone likes us.

Some people find being unhappy a source of their joy. When they are sad or crying, they love the feeling that somebody is going to rush to offer help. They feel so much comfort when people are worried about them. They feast on the feeling of someone caring for them. They repeatedly do it without noticing that they become so negative and very hard to please.

Some unhappy people will get used to the attention they get from others. But that, in time, will definitely suck out the friend’s energy. They will be deprived of their personal time because they were busy making sure others are happy, forgetting to take care of themselves. Remember that taking the problems and issues of others as their own is so tiring. In the end, they will see themselves unproductive and they will fell that “ubos na ubos na sila”.

I guess we need to realize that we are not in control of the happiness of others, indeed we can influence them to be happy but we cannot be their source of happiness all the time. Relationships should be nurtured imbued with trust, respect, and amity. If we have this kind of perspective, we may experience true happiness and true pleasure!


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