Baile Flamenco: Elevating the Flamenco scene in Davao

Baile Flamenco: Elevating the Flamenco scene in Davao

FLAMENCO, a mesmerizing and expressive dance form originating from Spain, took center stage in Davao City last November 26, 2023. The Baile Flamenco show, held at Davao Convention & Trade Center, mesmerized the audience with its powerful performances and intricate choreography.

The Flamenco movement in Davao began its journey through the vision of Bing Locsin, who taught Flamenco classes at the Locsin Dance Workshop in Lanang in 2019. As the classes flourished, the baton was passed on to Ivy Talaban-Aw to take over her Flamenco classes. That’s when she met the passionate Flamenco aficionado, Donna Mascariñas, who joined the group in 2020. Donna's extensive training as part of the Advanced Group of Centro Flamenco Makati in Manila, along with her experiences attending Flamenco workshops in Spain, made her the perfect partner to further elevate the Flamenco scene in Davao City.

Together, Ivy and Donna embarked on the path of officially establishing Flamenco Davao, aiming to introduce Spain-based Flamenco curriculum to the city. Their complementary roles saw Ivy focusing on choreography, while Donna imparted her expertise in Flamenco techniques. Their shared love for Flamenco paved the way for the creation of Baile Flamenco. The show was held with a record-breaking full house of 600 attendees.

The visionary behind the production of the show was Donna, who, despite her busy schedule as a construction business owner, tirelessly worked alongside her family and team to bring the show to life. Donna's daughter, Tiziana, played an instrumental role in organizing the event, handling preparations, and contacting suppliers. Even Donna's younger brother, Gary, contributed his craftsmanship by creating stunning stage fans from scratch, showcasing his talents in woodwork, painting, and installation. 

Furthermore, Donna's artistic touch was evident in the captivating costumes worn by all the performers. The entire team demonstrated tremendous resourcefulness and sought assistance from friends and sponsors, making the show a true collaboration of dedicated individuals.

Months of intense preparation culminated in a mesmerizing showcase of talent on that memorable night. Ivy diligently trained the students, conducting rigorous classes multiple times a week. With dedication and sweat, the students, ranging from 5-year-olds to a remarkable 78-year-old, honed their skills under their guidance. Additionally, Ivy also sponsored nine children from her church to perform alongside the students, adding diversity and inclusivity to the show.

Donna's connections with fellow Flamenceras from Manila and Iloilo added a touch of grandeur to the event. Eda Calonia Bautista and Angel Gomez from Fundación Centro Flamenco Makati, along with Annie Divinagracia Sartorio from the Annie Divinagracia Sartorio School of Performing Arts in Iloilo City, graced the stage with their awe-inspiring performances.

The Baile Flamenco show in Davao City marked an important milestone in the local Flamenco community. Through the collaborative efforts of dedicated individuals and the support of sponsors, Flamenco Davao successfully introduced the artistry and passion of Flamenco to the city. The event showcased the incredible talent of its performers and left the audience in awe, nurturing a newfound appreciation for this captivating dance form. 

As Davao continues to embrace Flamenco, one can only anticipate the growth and evolution of this vibrant art scene in the years to come. In fact, the founders, Ivy and Donna, are already preparing for its 2nd show in 2025! PR


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