Balancing expectations, priorities, and collaboration

Balancing expectations, priorities, and collaboration

I sometimes wish to stop time, hoping an hour will take three hours. I have been teaching about time management for years and how to handle stress effectively, but I see myself drowning sometimes, too. Yes, I am not that young anymore, but I believe I maintained that work ethic, particularly on deliverable submissions.

I am never a complainer or a complaisant. These are the two things that I am angry about the most. I feel comfortable and happy when I am organized and beat deadlines. However, I just do not understand; there are encounters when I am tasked with a project in which I feel my pacing is just right. And then, unexpectedly, I am tasked to do another assignment, which is new to me, and I am given only 24 hours to do it.

My other prior goals must be sacrificed to do what is recently demanded. So, I need to figure out what to do or prioritize. Yes, delegation is essential, but how do we delegate when those I feel can help are also full and tiring? Sad, but I expect one to unload me, but he is still busy with other assigned tasks or is sick whenever I need him. So, I am just left confused.

I do not get mad quickly at people who complain; I understand they may not assist, like when the task is late and could have been done during the holidays. But how can I just delegate when it could have been done before? However, there were intense demands to do something before its delegation. And the demand could not be easily accomplished for reasons time can only answer.

So, I am contemplating and still trying to meet the goals with a few hours left. I guess it is essential that instructions or requests be made beforehand so people can do it right.

Yes, I do not go out – and this is my choice. I want everything settled, but most would say that no matter how you try, unfavorable circumstances can hinder your goals from being achieved.

I would not like to convince myself that I need to spend more time with my family; I would like to believe that time could be better for the many unexpected deliverables. I would like to think it has something to do with work distribution. And, of course, the other elements of management. But at the end of the day, I still feel – it is with me, even if it depletes my all. And I do not ever like to give a burden to others; help me, God!

In this circumstance, communication is essential, but if people’s hearts are closed, they will never understand. Accept that every soul is unique; some may give compassion, others may not. But you do not force them to respect you; just live authentically, and do not dumb down or dull your shine just to be accepted.

I thank everyone for the support I received, but there are too many to mention. All is not about me; success is achieved because of others, too – outputs are best when collaboration exists, which increases my depleting energy. Most importantly, I have always believed that humility is not denying our abilities but being open about our weaknesses. And we do not need to show off or try so hard for others to see what we can do; we just simply do!

And lastly, let us all remember that if there are no difficulties, there will be nothing to achieve. And when we make a significant change, please do not use the “I” – “I did this…”; when many people are helping to attain the goal. Let us always use the “We”; acknowledging people who help is always essential. Peace to all!


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