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Chrismar Rue Soegaard
Chrismar Rue SoegaardPhoto from Chrismar Rue Soegaard

In the vibrant world of filmmaking, where each frame narrates a tale, Chrismar Rue Soegaard stands out. 

Hailing from Tagum City and an alumnus of the University of Mindanao, this 23-year-old filmmaker possesses a remarkable gift for infusing life into stories.

Rue's journey into filmmaking commenced during his junior high school years, igniting a passion for storytelling at the age of 16. 

He firmly believes that stories shape our world and are the threads that bind us together. 

To him, films hold immense value as they foster connections among people, serving as a poignant reminder of our shared human experiences.

"I think the film is one of the unwritten needs in life. That is why I'm committed to serving my purpose as a filmmaker and as a human being," Rue said.

His fascination with films sprouted under the guidance of his mother, who introduced him to the world of cinema early on. 

Regular visits to Video City and shared movie-watching moments with his family kindled his cinematic passion.

Rue's storytelling ardor finds inspiration in acclaimed filmmakers such as Quentin Tarantino, Mel Gibson, Martin Scorsese, Christopher Nolan, Steven Spielberg, Taika Waititi, and Zack Snyder. 

Despite lacking formal training or workshops, he honed his craft through extensive film-watching and research on these iconic figures.

"I grew up watching movies, I learned to make a film by watching movies. I've never gone to any workshops or anything like that when I started so my foundation was just to watch and research about these people," he shared.

While Rue harbored a deep love for movies, the thought of becoming a filmmaker only dawned on him as he was about to enter senior high school.

Driven by boundless creativity, Rue's films, including "The Face of a Blissful Mind," "Lolly," and "Call Me Santa," have garnered acclaim. 

"The Face of a Blissful Mind" earned accolades at the 19th Mindanao Film Festival and received international recognition with a screening in Brazil.

THE FACE OF A BLISSFUL MIND. A film by Chrismar Rue Soegaard
THE FACE OF A BLISSFUL MIND. A film by Chrismar Rue SoegaardPhoto from Chrismar Rue Soegaard

His short film, "Lolly," was an official selection at esteemed film festivals in England (Lift-Off Filmmaker Sessions 2022 at Pinewood Studios), Cebu (Binisaya Film Festival), and Mindanao (Nabunturan Independent Film Exhibition and 20th Mindanao Film Festival).

LOLLY. A film by Chrismar Rue Soegaard
LOLLY. A film by Chrismar Rue SoegaardPhoto from Chrismar Rue Soegaard

"This film is somehow very personal to me in terms of how we perceive memories and how they affect ourselves. I'm really proud of the character that I wrote 'cause he really represents us," he shared.

CALL ME SANTA. A film by Chrismar Rue Soegaard
CALL ME SANTA. A film by Chrismar Rue SoegaardPhoto from Chrismar Rue Soegaard

Similarly, "Call Me Santa" earned accolades and screenings in international film festivals, including, 'The Fear Faire Film Festival 2022' in Spring Valley Lake, California, and made it as a semi-finalist. 

It was also officially selected for the 2022 Ngilngig Asian Fantastic Film Festival at Cinematheque Centre Davao.

The film "Handuraw," wherein he was the writer, secured Best Screenplay and Best Film at the Cinemugat Film Festival in Tagum City. 

During this year's Musikahan Festival in Tagum City, his team 'Musika' won the Best Music Video and Best Song Competition, showcasing his multifaceted talent beyond filmmaking by directing award-winning music videos.

Rue's storytelling prowess, blending drama with various genres, sets him apart, drawing admiration from peers and mentors. 

He fosters a collaborative environment, valuing each team member's contribution and nurturing creativity among his artistic circle.

Amidst the awards, Rue's greatest joy lies in the emotional connection his films foster. Witnessing people connect with his work, opening up and sharing their stories, stands as his most cherished achievement.

As both an only child and a filmmaker, Rue acknowledges the solitary aspect of his craft as its main challenge. 

However, he embraces it as a transformative experience that sharpens his perception and allows for deeper observation.

LAMENT OF THE SILENT CROW. A film by Chrismar Rue Soegaard
LAMENT OF THE SILENT CROW. A film by Chrismar Rue SoegaardPhoto from Chrismar Rue Soegaard

Rue is delving into writing a book and crafting his upcoming short film, "Lament of the Silent Crow," as he continues his filmmaking journey. 

His ultimate aspiration is to represent the Bisaya culture through his works on a national and international stage.

For aspiring filmmakers, Rue emphasizes commitment as the key, urging them to pursue their passion with unwavering dedication. 

His message resonates with the essence of perseverance and devotion to the art of filmmaking.

To explore Rue’s cinematic world, follow Luper Films on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. DSCA


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