Expressing love through style

'Love & Styles' showcases elegance where contemporary meets timeless for bridal and debut gowns at Kasalan at Kotilyon 2024
Expressing love through style
Photo by Claire Agcambot

How do you express love through style? And how do you celebrate your special day in a stylish way? Featuring over 30 new bridal and debut gowns, 'Love & Styles' showcased its new era of elegance where contemporary meets timeless in a fashion show at Kasalan at Kotilyon 2024 by on June 30, 2024, held at Ayala Malls Abreeza, Davao City. This event just provided the answer to these questions.

The show opened with six models in soft pastels to bold and contrasting combinations of color tones in gowns, incorporating floral prints and patterns, setting the stage with vibrant energy.

Photo by Claire Agcambot

One standout piece from the first set was a gown in a delicate combination of light yellow and pastel gold, embellished with tiny crystals that shimmered beneath the lights. The first set featured distinctive modern designs, making it an exceptional choice for debutants or brides looking to make a lasting impression.

As the show progressed, each set showcased a transformation. It was impossible not to be mesmerized by their blend of modern elegance and timeless sophistication — a stunning display of clothing artistry. The event gradually transitioned from vibrant pastel-colored gowns with floral prints and patterns to modern, classy white bridal gowns that embody contemporary Filipino wedding style trends.

Photo by Claire Agcambot

'Love & Styles’ latest bridal gown collection is truly a must-check for couples seeking a stylish and remarkable experience on their wedding day. For this collection, they offer a wide choice of gowns that are minimal yet scream regal elegance.

“We now focus more on simplicity, yet still classy and elegant. Previously, our focus was on ball gowns, but now we emphasize simpler yet elegant designs,” Mae Christine Yee, the daughter of the CEO of ‘Love & Styles’, shared with us about what sets this collection apart from the previous one.

The last set of gowns showcased their vision the most, and the message was clear — ‘Love & Styles’ is dedicated to further solidifying its presence in the bridal fashion industry by listening to their clients' wants and preferences and combining them with the brand’s artistic direction. 

Predominantly, the gowns featured classic white and ivory tones, with each gown displaying intricate details such as lace appliqués, beadwork, and embroidery, adding a touch of sparkle. The designs varied with different necklines and sleeve styles, including off-shoulder ruffles, high necklines, and long sleeves, with flowing skirts made of layers of tulle and lace, blending modern and traditional elements. 

The event was elevated by Ms. Korine Navarro’s creative leadership as the event organizer. Together with her team, they featured Filipino elements on stage represented by white flowers, palm leaves, ‘salakots’ native hats, and nigo baskets as decoratives to complement the overall theme, adding a hint of Filipino culture aesthetics.

Cristina Yip, Love & Styles CEO
Cristina Yip, Love & Styles CEO Photo by Claire Agcambot

Even with a well-established name, ‘Love & Styles’ is committed to enhancing their market share in the bridal fashion industry. With this collection, they not only demonstrate their dedication to quality, but also their goal of reaching more people. 

Partnering with Glam Models, who have been with them since the beginning, Love & Styles ensured that every detail of the show was perfect. 

Photo by Claire Agcambot

Further detailing their focus, Ms. Mae shared the inspiration behind this collection. 

“It is based on the preferences of our customers, particularly our brides. We listen to their perspectives on what they desire. This approach is currently trending, for instance, with the popularity of puff sleeves inspired by Filipiniana styles,” she said.

Fe Macaraeg and Lawrence Marañon, a couple, were among the instant clients drawn to Love & Styles. Referred by friends, Fe praised the brand's modern aesthetics. “Their designs are modern and they have sleek styles, unlike the somewhat dated ball gowns. They have modern serpentine forms and offer different options such as ball gowns and gowns with trails in modern styles,” Fe said.

The dedication of the Love & Styles team was evident throughout the show. The CEO, Cristina Yip, reflecting on the brand’s long-standing participation in Kasalan at Kotilyon, expressed gratitude. "I am grateful,” she said, on the success of the event. “For many years of joining Kasalan at Kotilyon, Love & Styles has always been a co-presenter and has something new to offer,” she added.

Three-peat Excellence

‘Love & Styles’ won the 2024 ‘Top Booker Award’ at Kasalan at Kotilyon 2024. 

Photo by Korine Navarro

By taking home the Top Booker award for the third consecutive year in 2024, ‘Love & Styles’ proves its excellence in offering customers the best possible services. Their amazing performance and unwavering determination are demonstrated by their three-peat win.

Photo by Korine Navarro

“What an incredible honor! I am deeply grateful to receive this award for the third consecutive year. It's been an amazing journey, and I want to thank everyone who has supported me along the way. Here's to more successes ahead for all of us!” Mrs. Yip said, expressing deep gratitude and humility for receiving the award.

Kasalan at Kotilyon by is a Davao wedding tourism expo that gathers various wedding suppliers in one place to exhibit their services, including photo and video services, food, accommodations, and much more. KBP


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