It’s Christmas and I’m single

It’s Christmas and I’m single
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CHRISTMAS is here and the season is calling us to be happy with the birth of Jesus Christ. It is a time for love, hope, and joy. Celebrating Christmas is fun — bonding time with families, friends, or loved ones. 

But how’s Christmas for single people? 

Christmas may be a tricky time for the singles; however, there are countless ways by which we can celebrate it.

Here are some of the few insights from singles who shared their thoughts

“There’s not much of a difference since I’ve always celebrated Christmas without a significant other. Still, I get to enjoy it with my family and friends. It’s their warmth and presence that gives me contentment and joy as a single person,” Andrea Madroñal said in an interview.

Admittedly, Andrea sometimes gets jealous of couples celebrating Christmas together.

“But now that I’m in like ‘I don’t care’ phase, I kinda just go with the flow. You can choose not to be lonely, especially this Christmas season,” she shared.

Indeed, you can choose not to be lonely this Christmas season. The season is full of opportunities to experience love, hope, and joy.  

But for Jonathan Taboada, he has a different take on celebrating the Christmas season as a single person. He thinks that it is even harder to celebrate Christmas and other important dates when you have a romantic partner.

“It kind of splits my time,” he revealed.

He said that it would be hard for any one of the couples to decide where to celebrate Christmas or other important dates.

“The scheduling, figuring things out, and finding balance in all that divides time and attention isn't for me. As a single person, I couldn’t be happier that I don't get to deal with all that,” he said.

Christmas isn’t about relationship status updates. We may be coming to the end of a year we hoped would bring us into a relationship, but Christmas holds so much more for us to celebrate. As endearing and as magical as it would be to have a special someone to spend Christmas with, it is one's own true belief in the Holiday spirit that fulfills the true purpose of Christmas. NRO


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