LAVA Fest 2024: A Cultural Melting Pot in Davao City

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LAVA Fest 2024: A Cultural Melting Pot in Davao City

A celebration of creativity and community

The annual National Arts Month is celebrated in Davao City with an exuberant extravaganza called LAVA Fest 2024. The dedication of Davao City to fostering the arts is shown in this festival, which takes place at La Herencia, Torres, from February 19th to March 3rd. The LAVA fest showcases a diverse range of artistic abilities and expressions, encompassing not only the visual and literary arts but also the performing arts and other areas of study in the field of art.

An honoring of individuality and collective spirit

Artists, writers, performers, and art lovers from all walks of life come together at LAVA Fest, making it more than just a festival. The festival's long history of celebrating creativity is on full display this year with a wide variety of artistic exhibits, literary and zines displays, and a stand-up comedy open mic. Both well-known and up-and-coming artists can showcase their work at the festival, which encourages creativity and networking among attendees.

LAVA Fest 2024 is a symbol of the ever-changing artistic landscape in Davao City, bringing together artists from all walks of life. The festival honors National Art Month and highlights the value of cultural exchange and community through its extensive program and the involvement of several artists and creators. Guests are reminded of the transformative potential of creativity as they fully immerse themselves in the celebrations.

The participants: A diverse tapestry of artistic expression

A. Fine Lines and Preeminent Forms

This segment showcases contemporary fine art, highlighting artists who explore strong compositions, unique mediums, and intriguing concepts. Participants include Seth Cabahug, Chadieness, Vippy D, and several others, each bringing their distinctive styles and visions to the forefront.

B. Graphically Yours

Focusing on New Media Art, this section presents works that merge art with technology, exploring new platforms and applications. Artists like Jamedith Abuan and Glenn M Agallano push the boundaries of human creativity and artistic freedom.

C. Psychedelic Monstrosities

Venturing into dreamscapes and nightmares, this category features art that stands out with high contrast, bold movements, and larger-than-life presentations. Artists such as Air and Niño Acero offer vibrant, unsaturated imageries that captivate and challenge the viewer.

D. LH Zine Project: Prose & Poetry

This initiative introduces the writers and artists behind the LH Zine Project, focusing on prose and poetry. Contributors like Franky Arrocena and Jenny Black share their literary talents, enriching the festival's cultural offerings.

E. Original Art and Creative Market

An assembly of artists and collectives, including SakiAmira and Ghostie, showcases original artworks and creative products. This market is a treasure trove for art lovers and collectors, offering unique finds and supporting local talent.

F. Book & Zine Exhibit

In collaboration with Davao Writer’s Guild and other notable entities, this exhibit features an array of books and zines, highlighting the written word's power and beauty. It provides a platform for authors and publishers to connect with readers and share their works.


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