My Encounter at the PHAPi: Mindanao Regional Seminar

From left: Dr. Madeleine Valera, Dr. Isidro Burog, Jr., Jammhyne Lanozo, Dr. Gina Nazareth
From left: Dr. Madeleine Valera, Dr. Isidro Burog, Jr., Jammhyne Lanozo, Dr. Gina Nazareth Contributed photo

I WAS rushing to attend the Mindanao Regional Seminar hosted by the Private Hospitals Association of the Philippines (PHAPi) last Friday. Unfortunately, I have encountered a series of mishaps. Initially confused about the venue, I mistakenly directed the cab driver to the Grand Menseng Hotel and then again to the Apo View Hotel. I guess I am too stressed because I need to be back at my workplace in two hours for a meeting. But I am glad I arrived early at the right location, the Grand Ballroom of Acacia Hotel on JP Laurel Avenue, Agdao, Davao City. It was my first time to visit this place.

I do not know, but it seems that the world was unfair to me that day; upon checking my iPad, I discovered that I had saved the wrong PowerPoint presentation for my talk, leaving me only 30 minutes to fix the error. However, with the limited time, I made the necessary edits and entered the bustling conference room.

I sat in the reception area, observing the diverse crowd, with many medical doctors at the forefront and chief nurses and other hospital staff occupying the middle rows. By then, I prayed that later, during my talk, I could offer insights on how to beat stress.

Dr. Abe Jun Versoza
Dr. Abe Jun VersozaContributed photo

Among the familiar faces is Dr. Abe Jun Versoza, known for his excellent character and unwavering kindness to many. Known for his selfless service to needy people, he exemplified the essence of a compassionate physician. I tried to talk to other attendees, and I realized that even with the demanding schedules of healthcare professionals, they still find time to attend seminars, are very open to alternative perspectives, and value collaboration.

I must say that the seminar, organized by the PHAPi, highlighted engaging topics such as patient-friendly hospital practices, digital health advancements, patient safety measures, etc. 

It was good to see that the audience actively participated, posing insightful questions that the speakers expertly addressed.

SpeakersContributed photo
Private Hospitals Association of the Philippines (PHAPi) Team.
Private Hospitals Association of the Philippines (PHAPi) Team.Contributed photo

Although I had no chance to meet and talk with every speaker, I was honored to meet esteemed speakers and PHAPi officers like Dr. Margarito Hernandez, Dr. Isidro P. Burog, and Dr. Maria Gina Nazareth, along with the gracious Sr. Arcenita Sarnillo, SPC. I am also very glad to see my great mentor Dr. Lynell Malimbag and my very good friend Braulia Le B. Perales.

This writer
This writerContributed photo

I commend the organizers for their best efforts in orchestrating such a productive seminar. And despite my earlier confusion, I thank God I arrived punctually at the venue, learning very informative topics, which proved to be a haven of invaluable healthcare insights. Hail to PHAPi, the organization dedicated to the management and concerns of private hospitals in the Philippines, which is recognized as a Conference Partner of Hospital Management Asia!

Truly, amidst stress, the world can swiftly change, transitioning from turmoil to joy, greatly influenced by the individuals surrounding us!


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