Reaching goal with unwavering dedication and clear vision

Neal Audrey L. Estrelloso, RChE, RChT
Neal Audrey L. Estrelloso, RChE, RChTCONTRIBUTED PHOTO

PASSING a board exam is already an achievement itself but securing a spot on the top list in not just one, but two licensure exams is a remarkable feat that is hard to emulate. 

In a bid to maximize his opportunities and acquire as many licenses as possible, Neal Audrey L. Estrelloso, RChE, RChT, a cum laude graduate of Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from Ateneo de Davao University (AdDU) Batch 2023, took both the October 2023 Chemical Engineers Licensure Exam (ChELE) and the December 2023 Chemical Technicians Licensure Examination (CTLE) within the same year.

Not only did he pass both of the licensure exams but nailed them for placing 5th in ChELE with an 86.70% rating and 4th in CTLE with a 91.00% rating. 

"I was fresh out of the oven that is college and we were encouraged to grab our licenses agad Immediately) since we’d still be able to remember our learnings in uni and I was told a number of companies will need us to be registered professionals upon hiring," Estrelloso shared in an interview with SunStar Davao.

Like many students who pursue engineering, Estrelloso harbored a deep desire to earn the coveted "Engr." title and the accompanying prestige. Now, as a certified engineer, he takes immense pride in fulfilling the aspirations of his freshman-year self.

“It felt surreal. Everything took a while to sink in and when it did, I still could not believe my name was on those lists. I am both ecstatic and overwhelmed with all the support and praise I’ve been receiving after the results of both licensure exams. I feel so proud of my own dedication and hard work paying off,” he expressed. 

When talking about exam preparation, there's no one-size-fits-all approach. Unlike many who adhere to strict study schedules and specific strategies, Estrelloso took a different route.

"I don’t employ a specific study technique nor a strict study schedule but what I always make sure is I get at least eight hours of sleep every day. Hence, if I would sleep late studying and reading, I would wake up late and attend review classes in the afternoon,” Estrelloso said.

This emphasis on rest might seem unusual in the face of rigorous exam preparations, but for him, it was a crucial component of his strategy.

His study strategy was equally distinctive. 

"My main study strategy is to learn how to solve problems on my own before I learn anything about a topic. In this way, I usually remember the things I missed or the points I made mistakes on," he shared. 

This hands-on approach allowed him to grasp concepts more thoroughly and identify areas for improvement early in his study process.

As if his approach wasn't unconventional enough, Estrelloso’s preparation for the Chemical Technician exam took an unexpected turn.

With only a week left before the exam, he fell ill and was rushed to the ER. "I was unable to properly function that week," he recalls. 

He added, "I only got better after a few days." 

Despite this setback, he persevered, managing to study properly only the day before the licensure exam. His inclusion on the list of successful examinees came as a surprise, but it was a testament to his resilience and determination.

Behind his success, he considers himself fortunate to have a strong support system with his friends, family, and mentors.

"My friends, roommates, and co-reviewees helped me stay afloat throughout the entire ordeal and I am very grateful that we have each other’s backs as we were set on grabbing our licenses. My mentors helped me to focus on what matters the most in the exams and continued to inspire us in finally becoming the full-fledged engineers we longed to be when we entered into the program. Lastly, my family is my stronghold, and their unwavering belief and support has enabled me to truly give my best in the preparations for the board exams."

He acknowledges that his accomplishments are not solely his own but also a result of their unwavering support. 

Looking ahead, Estrelloso plans to leverage his success to pursue opportunities that align with his values and aspirations. He aims to use his licenses to secure a position in a company that fosters growth and provides a conducive environment for professional development.

For those embarking on a similar journey, Estrelloso offers valuable advice:

“Remember your “WHYs”! Your motivations will keep you on track and will be your primary driving force to give your best in preparation for your board exams. Don't leave any space for doubt and luck and cover every base instead. Furthermore, never stop enjoying your hobbies! Take a break from time to time, play your favorite game or watch your favorite show. Don't push yourself too hard and always believe in yourself!”

Estrelloso's achievements serve as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring professionals, reminding everyone that with unwavering dedication and a clear vision, any goal can be within reach. DSCA


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