Reflecting on the 120th anniv of Japanese migration in PH

Reflecting on the 120th anniv of Japanese migration in PH

THE year 2023 was the 120th anniversary of Japanese Migration in the Philippines. A special supplement was published in this newspaper in June commemorating the anniversary. 

Among the various events held during the year was an exhilarating performance in Davao City by a group, YAMATO – the Drummers of Japan. 

In November, Consul General Ishikawa was one of the speakers in the Public Lecture Series held at the Mindanao Kokusai Daigaku (MKD) auditorium where he talked about the dynamics of the current Philippine-Japan relations. 

The well-attended public lecture was also participated by experts from both the Philippines and Japan. 

Also, the reception celebrating the 120th Anniversary of the Japanese Migration in the Philippines and the 20th Anniversary of the Philippine Nikkeijin Legal Support Center (PNLSC), which has been spearheading the research and tracing of Japanese ancestors of the Philippine Nikkeijin and filing their petitions with the Japanese family court under the Shuseki project, was held at the Waterfront Insular Hotel in Davao on November 25.

The final cultural event, "Rakugo in English,” was done in Davao with the first performance being held at MKD for the students and teachers on November 25. While the second performance was presented at Acacia Hotel Davao on November 26 for the general public.

Rakugo is a traditional Japanese entertainment of storytelling that has been enjoyed for more than 400 years. 

Dressed in a Kimono and kneeling on a cushion on a stage, a solo performer tells stories that depict the everyday lives of ordinary citizens. Hundreds of stories were created, many of which have been passed down to the present generations of performers. 

As a form of a humorous narrative monologue, what makes Rakugo unique is that it consists mainly of dialogues. The material is based on warm-hearted human drama, which is often absurd but familiar in any society exceeding borders and time. 

The Consulate General of Japan in Davao hosted “Rakugo in English” events as part of the 120th anniversary celebration of the Japanese migration in the Philippines.

In his message, Consul General Ishikawa stressed that laughter is good for our health and brings people closer together. He hoped that the “Rakugo in English” performances will help us appreciate more the strong bond between our peoples.

According to Consul General Ishikawa, the current relations between Davao and Japan are as excellent as ever in many fields. He is optimistic that trade, investment, tourism, culture and education will be further boosted in the years to come. 

Moreover, he hopes that the 120th anniversary will also open up interests in human exchanges in various fields especially among the youths. PR

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