Sharing God's blessings

Sharing God's blessings

IT'S nice to receive something on your birthday but it's even better to give on your birthday. Generosity is one of the traits of CJ Conde, a young businessman whose heart always goes to the underprivileged residents in the far-flung areas.

On his birthday on December 27, 2023, CJ went to Brgy. San Miguel in Arakan, North Cotabato to give joy to the Indigenous Peoples there. 

"This marks one small milestone in the beautiful journey of my life. With this milestone, I am sharing my blessings with the disadvantaged residents in San Miguel," CJ said.

A birthday celebration like no other indeed, as he shared his blessings with the indigenous peoples in San Miguel. He said it is a symbol of hope and happiness not only for the beneficiaries but also for him; a true celebration that gives meaning to his life.

For a start, CJ distributed food packs for all the residents in San Miguel. Residents, especially the children, were very happy as they received fried chicken meals from the famous fast food restaurant. The event literally flooded with food as other dishes and bread and pastries were also displayed for everyone who joined to partake

To make his natal day livelier, CJ also organized games and contests.

Residents were happy as they felt being part of a larger community where everyone was celebrating. 

Among the contests he organized for everyone to showcase their hidden talents were singing, dancing, and Tiktok. Winners received cash prizes which the contestants did not expect.

Children, as well as adults, also enjoyed the games that not only brought laughter and fun but also won the participants lots of cash prizes. 

They were one in sharing that only a few people have made them very happy and among them is CJ.

"Sharing our blessings will not make us poor but instead will make our hearts filled with riches material things could never suffice," he said. JPC

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