Shori @ 18

Butterfly garden-themed debut, a realization of a dream
Shori @ 18
Photo by Archie Pelago Picturista

Like a butterfly that freshly came out from its cocoon, Khristie Anne Shori Cabrizos was stunningly beautiful when she emerged on the stage during her 18th birthday.

Donning an elegant gown by Renee Salud, the debutante arrived at her butterfly-and-garden-themed debut party at the Apo View Hotel on November 4, 2023.

Photo by Archie Pelago Picturista

"It was my lolo's dream for me to celebrate my debut in a grandiose way, well it's our dream. My grandfather from my father's side, unfortunately, is not around anymore to see our dream come into reality," Shori shared.

The self-proclaimed introvert debutante said that she chose the theme butterfly garden because a butterfly represents freedom and a garden represents family and friends.

"It's like I can roam around family and friends," the pretty young lady revealed.

Her rose pink gown was also embellished with dainty flowers with some butterflies on her spaghetti straps.

She said her extravagant debut party was a gift from her Tita Erlyn, the sister of her father, as Shori’s family did not plan to hold a big party for her 18th birthday.

“We don’t have a plan but my tita knew that it was my dream to have a grand debut,” the senior high school student from Ateneo de Davao University shared.

Shori is close to her titas on both sides since she is their first-born niece. She is also the eldest grandchild on both sides.

Among the VIPs that she invited to one of the most important events of her life are her two best friends.

Shori's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Erwin and Rowena Cabrizos who are both educators by profession, shared that their eldest among three broods chose her guests because she revealed to them that she wouldn’t be comfortable if somebody she didn’t was around.

Her father, who was her first dance for the 18 Roses, also shared that Shori may not be “very close” with her other siblings because of the huge age gap but she is a great sister to them. In fact, her 18th Roses dance was her youngest sibling.

The venue turned into something magical when the dazzling lights of every bulb turned on and the debutant arrived. Little children in gowns danced like fairies in the garden.

Photo by Archie Pelago Picturista

Her cakes, which were provided by Sucre Coffee & Baked Goods, vary in shapes, sizes, and flavors. The main cake, a five-tier chocolate-flavored, stood at six feet tall. Other cakes of different flavors include two three-tier, two two-tier, two one-tier and one tall one-tier, totaling 18 tiers of cake all in all.

For her giveaways, guests were given boxes of butterfly and heart macarons made by Sucre Coffee & Baked Goods and durian cake in tin can made by Shori’s tita.

Decor by Noel Tanza and the event coordinator was Floral Pink Designs.

Mrs. Cabrizos said that the grand event was a surprise not only for Shori but also for them as her sister-in-law, who gifted Shori the party, only told them what to do and where to go, and no further details were given as to why.

Mr. Cabrizos, meanwhile, shared that she dreams Shori to become a lawyer someday so that she can help a lot of underprivileged individuals.

“…And I’m comforted to know that she is taking the challenge to become a lawyer someday,” he said.

Mr. and Mrs. Cabrizos are happy and proud of their eldest daughter as she grew up to be an independent, obedient, and intelligent young woman. CEA


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