Silent cries

Silent cries
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Injustice comes in many forms. Some are done discreetly, from people they once believed were angels at heart but evil. And the people affected choose to be silent. Because they think that silence brings peace and that their cries reach heaven, and in return, justice will prevail, no

matter how long it will take, but in time, they will be vindicated.

Some people work independently, and others would love to speak their minds. They all have the same goals to deliver. However, some would love people to depend on them and follow what they think is right, and they despise those who are better than them. Slowly, this will stop the fire from doing more, leaving them no desire to work for the best.

I guess everyone would love to do something they know they are good at. Only some people can do math or art. However, each of them has passions that they have been comfortable with for years, and they even have a passion for learning something new. But why are there people who would kill them by stopping their interests, passions, and advocacies?

Why is there a fear for others to be better than them? Is it because others will be on top, and they will be at the bottom someday? Is it because their measurement of success is when they are in command? Or is hurting others discreetly their way of pulling people down while maintaining professionalism?

I must tell everyone this – our true colors are clear to many. The blinds can even smell it, so no matter how we pretend we are the humblest, our hidden actions emit an odor we cannot hide.

Do not ever think that the majority likes us because everyone follows; some people are silent but screaming inside.

So, refrain from playing music where people believe everybody is pleased because they sing and dance. Some dance with the flow and sing with the lyrics but never with a heart gracefully.

Allow them to choose their music and dance with them until night; they will always remember the rhythm.

And do not visit a farm without a smile as if nobody knows how to plant and harvest.

Remember that the farmers are the athletes behind the foods that all eat. They may be slower picking fruits and need help tolerating the sun’s prolonged heat. So, be considerate; time changes, and we can be farmers in time.

Do not claim something as yours; respect copyright. Reaping the benefits which are supposed to be for others is unacceptable. Never claim what is not ours as ours. We might be unable to complete a book, but finishing one in plagiarism is foul and unacceptable.

Above all, it is alright to loved one so dearly. God said let us love our neighbors the way we love ourselves. However, loving is not tolerating others to do wrong. If we love, we must do what is right for the other person. Similarly, loving someone does not equate to betrayal. It is essential to check our love is not selfish, as we may have unintentionally ignored the silent cries of those around us.


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