The adventures of teacher Maita

A Dwarven sorceress in MCM’s ‘Dungeons and Dragons’ arcane assembly
Character sheet and D&D Dice.
Character sheet and D&D Dice.CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

Not trusting luck, I used my turn to heal my companion Paladin instead of casting a spell. Level 9 dragons aren't easy to defeat. I needed to roll a 15 plus my attack bonus of 4 to ensure the dragon was hit. However, I was just a level 2 Dwarven Sorceress. Yes, I was immune to lightning and had taken the least damage among everyone. So, in the spirit of camaraderie, I healed the Paladin. He delivered a devastating blow, dealing 15 damage points. Later, he turned the dragon's carcass into an improvised bed, while I held onto the magical amulet. Our reward was a generous sum of 1000 gold coins, and as adventurers, we parted ways.

On October 25, 2023, the 4th-year Multimedia students at Malayan College Mindanao organized the Arcane Assembly, a Dungeons and Dragons event held in the campus auditorium. The event featured various vendors selling handmade goods, food stalls, and a range of activities.

Before the event, there were games, and I had the opportunity to participate and secure second place in a contest known as Tavern Tales. The prize for my efforts was a Dixit-themed puzzle. As the event unfolded, I came across a game on one of the vendor's tables and won a set of D&D dice, which proved to be quite handy for the upcoming adventures.

The party fighting monsters (monsters in grey)
The party fighting monsters (monsters in grey)CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

Although the D&D game started a bit late, the event was well-attended. Each table had a dungeon master armed with all the essential equipment and techniques. In this adventure, I took on the role of Dara, a level 2 Dwarven Sorceress with limited abilities but immunity to stone, fire, and lightning attacks. We had no idea that our voyage into an uncharted temple would bring us face-to-face with a formidable Blue Lightning Dragon.

The 11th hour, my character facing off the dragon. Will I risk an attack or use my magic to heal?
The 11th hour, my character facing off the dragon. Will I risk an attack or use my magic to heal?CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

The adventure was shared with three fellow MCM students, and the dungeon master was also an MCM student.

What I won.

The essence of Dungeons and Dragons is cooperation and companionship. Each member of the party brought something distinct to the table, and all the adventurers were anxious to move forward. It wasn't about factors such as race, class, gender, or age; it was about the spirit of adventure and upholding the sacred code of Dungeons & Dragons, ensuring that everyone had a positive experience.

The stage and the playing tables.
The stage and the playing tables.CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

We may have forgotten the identities of our fellow adventurers, but we will never forget that unforgettable quest on Stormbreak Isle, where we vanquished a dragon, retrieved its treasures, and received well-deserved rewards along the way.


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