Therma South emerges champion in Davao fire olympics

Champions. The emergency response team of AboitizPower’s TSI tops this year’s Davao City Fire District Fire Olympics.
Champions. The emergency response team of AboitizPower’s TSI tops this year’s Davao City Fire District Fire Olympics.

A SYMBOLIC torch lit up in Davao City as team members from Therma South, Inc. (TSI), a thermal subsidiary of Aboitiz Power Corporation (AboitizPower), along with other institutions, competed in the Davao City Fire District Fire Olympics spearheaded by the local Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP).

The fire olympics showcase the firefighting and rescue capabilities of BFP personnel and selected participants from local government units, government agencies, small and medium business establishments, large private corporations, and other public and private institutions.

Participating in the industrial brigade category, the emergency response team of TSI were declared champions in a pool featuring 12 teams from the private sector.

“The significance of fire olympics is to make the participants know the importance of fire safety in the workplace and their personal spaces,” said OSH Specialist and team coach Earl Joey Liquit.

“As a safety practitioner, being able to convert an individual from ‘safety ignorant’ to a ‘safety advocate’ is already a win in itself.”

Each team includes four players for “fire and rescue operation” and another four for “first aid response” with one playing a victim and another as team coach. For the former, the event is broken down into simulations of personal protective equipment and self-contained breathing apparatus donning; hose connection; hit the targets; and extrication and fireman’s carry. The team that accomplishes all the tasks in the shortest amount of time and with the least amount of errors is declared the winner.

“In the midst of difficult and unforeseen circumstances, a relaxed mind will help us survive. It's crucial to stay calm and focused during emergencies to ensure the safety of ourselves and others,” shared Field Engineer Jon Kristoffer Tagalog, who was part of the TSI team.

TSI’s emergency response team show their capabilities in fire and rescue operation and first aid response.
TSI’s emergency response team show their capabilities in fire and rescue operation and first aid response.

TSI participates in these activities to share knowledge and best practices, benchmark their capabilities, and strengthen their appreciation of their role as emergency responders.

Electrical Technician and fire fighting team member Kendall Claros said that he further developed presence of mind, focus, and an owner’s mindset while practicing for and participating in the fire olympics.

"I have to make sure that I am mindful of all the actions I am going to make and choose the best decision under pressure,” he maintained. “I put in mind that I have an obligation to protect my loved ones and the organization from any harm."

Field Engineer Ann Dominic Pastor, another TSI team member, added that the event enhanced the group’s ability to work under pressure and be resourceful and efficient to come up with techniques that can help meet BFP standards.

The competition happened during the Araw ng Dabaw (Davao Day) in commemoration of the national fire prevention month. With this year’s theme “Sa Pag-iwas sa Sunog, Hindi ka Nag-iisa” (In Avoiding Fire, You Are Not Alone), the development of camaraderie and cooperation in mitigating fire hazards and risks was emphasized. Such efforts are important to AboitizPower and TSI since electrical safety and fire safety are closely linked, with faulty electrical connections being among the top causes of fire incidents, according to BFP.

“Amidst the Great Transformation, risk resilience becomes a necessary feature of the organization. It is necessary that our team build and strengthen its capabilities to be able to adapt to and address unfortunate situations that could, however unlikely, happen in our vast industrial facilities,” said Celso Caballero III, President and COO of AboitizPower’s Thermal Business Group.

“We rely on the competence of our people assigned to be stewards of AboitizPower’s facilities, specially in significant baseload power plants like TSI. Safety is at the heart of our operations.

TSI has shown that, in AboitizPower, we are among the industry’s top professionals,” he added.

TSI is a 300-megawatt coal-fired power plant located between Davao City and Sta. Cruz in Davao del Sur. It uses the latest Circulating Fluidized Bed technology that recirculates combustion for even greater power generation efficiency. Its facility also houses the Philippines’ first-ever Coal Dome, a structure that safely stores coal deposits and prevents dust pollution caused by its combustion. PR


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