Ugong Sa Tig-Ani: Noi Narciso's exhibit of 'DIY' musical instruments made from scraps

photo by Jeepy P. Compio
photo by Jeepy P. Compio

The audience will remember as well as be more inspired to make musical instruments made from scraps after Davao-based artist Noi Narciso introduced each of his musical instruments made from recycled materials that created beautiful melodies attracting the audience during his Ugong Sa Tig-ani at The Patio, La Herenicia in Torres Street, Davao City, on September 15, 2023. 

The exhibit room was heated up when Narciso played his 'do-it-yourself' (DIY) instruments that made the audience stomp their feet to the tune of the music. 

Narciso said that discarded items could be helpful, so he thought of making DIY instruments, up-cycling, and reusing them. 

"Ugong means vibration... we started the word 'Ugong' in this pandemic, but before the pandemic, I released the bulk of my DIY instruments; during the pandemic, my instruments increased, then I exhibited Ugong. There was no audience, it's just me to share my craft," Narciso shared. 

He added, "That's where I seem to be known for posting educational posts on YouTube... I intended that along the process, and eventually, I understand that my passion for dance can be combined with sculpture, music, and performance." 

In the year 2021 and the following year, he became an awardee of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCAA), and he is also well-known to other foundations and some Japanese groups. 

"So the time has come, that I asked, what is my contribution as an artist? So this, I saw, was a lot of waste, so I up-cycled and reused," he said. 

Narciso was also invited to exhibit in some places in Mindanao, where many were amazed at his talent for making DIY instruments. 

There is only one message in Narciso's artwork: to be responsible for the waste. It is necessary to reuse and recycle to reduce waste in the environment. 

The exhibit was successful with the help of ArtHome Bound, Mel Mars, Penongs, and Southern Philippines Medical Center (SPMC) through Mae Tauth; At the same time, for documentation, there were Cherm Cua Go, Bagane Fiola and Melona Grace Mascariñas with Wilfred Dexter Tanedo and Leah Valle for curating and presentation. 

"I'm so happy that the lecture demo mini-concert on my creative process of my DIY instruments up-cycling and reusing, trying to participate in reducing and end up creating and exploring sound form and performativity and interaction with the audience creating chance music," Narciso said. 

Noi Narciso is also an Art Appreciation instructor at the Ateneo de Davao University (AdDU). JPC


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