Valderrama: Find what your heart is looking for

Maria Gemima C. Valderrama
Maria Gemima C. Valderrama

The parish priest of Our Lady of the Assumption Parish, Fr. Marlon Mendoza Reyes, started his homily by starting the year right and good. From the Liturgy of the Word, he emphasized finding what your heart is looking for.

It was based on the passage from John 1 43-51 that recounts the calling of Philip and Nathanael to follow Jesus. There, they found what their heart was looking for – Jesus.

This statement alone – find what your heart is looking for – is so broad that it can be connected not just to the spiritual side but to the psychological, emotional, and everything there is.

What does our heart look for? What do we yearn for?

This is a question to reflect on as we start the year. What is it that truly makes us happy? It must be something that our heart is looking for.

Our mission is to find meaning and purpose in our lives. What is there to live for if everything we do does not spark meaning and fulfillment? How can we find our direction if we do not find some purpose?

This can come from our personal goals and significant relationships. This can also be contributing to a cause larger than oneself.

Achieving personal goals contributes to our overall well-being.  For most women, they aspire to be fit all the time.  Either they will have a diet plan, take some exercise, or go to the gym. Most men will aim for stable finances and soon target their dream car or house.

Most students aim to get higher grades or submit requirements and assignments on time. Most young professionals will target a better job or pursue higher education. 

Our personal goals, whatever they are, lead to our motivation and drive, focus and direction, and improved discipline. They serve as a roadmap, helping us prioritize tasks and create positive self-image and confidence.

Our happy and healthy relationships with others provide emotional support during our challenging times. Our positive relationships boost self-esteem and self-worth. When we feel valued, appreciated, and loved, it contributes to our happiness and satisfaction.

We will no longer ask for more in life. We find many reasons to be fulfilled.

Contributing to a cause larger than oneself holds significant personal fulfillment and purpose.  We find our existence more meaningful when we know we have left an impact.

It fosters a sense of interconnectedness, purpose, and shared responsibility.

We feel we have done something great, not just for ourselves but for others as well.

But, sometimes, we have this yearning we cannot fathom. Sometimes, we feel some emptiness in our hearts. We have what we need, but we are not completely happy. We have our loved ones beside us, but our heart yearns for something else.

Maybe all we need is to go deeper into our hearts. Is there peace? Is there true love?

Is there complete joy? Is there hope? Is there faith?

Find what your heart is looking for.


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